last-minute tips for passing the mpre

10 last-minute tips for passing the MPRE

In this post, we give you ten, quick, last-minute tips for passing the MPRE!

10 last-minute tips for passing the MPRE

1. Make sure you know what the MPRE is.

Remember you will have two hours to answer 60 multiple-choice questions. Just knowing the basic format of the test can go a long way. Learn more about the format in our free MPRE guide here.

2. Review the highly tested rules.

Review our MPRE one-sheet, which has the majority of the highly tested rules. Commit the most highly tested rules to memory! You can also access this in our free MPRE course!

3. If you don’t understand a rule, listen to an explanation.

Our MPRE course is divided into several segments to make it easy to learn what you need to know for the MPRE. All of our videos are conveniently on Youtube! You can listen to the entire course or just the areas of law you don’t understand. Focusing on the highly tested areas or the areas you don’t understand is a good strategy to use pre-MPRE.

Access our MPRE course (and outline, and free practice questions) here. Our MPRE course is rated five stars by our students!

4. Review the NCBE’s sample test questions.

The NCBE writes the MPRE. So, review their sample questions ahead of time. These will be most similar to the questions you will see on the MPRE.

5. Make a cheat sheet of your outline.

Many students find it very helpful to make a cheat sheet the few days before the MPRE. Normally, this consists of handwriting rules that they don’t know, or making a “birdseye” view of their outline. If you feel as though you are not quite ready to take the MPRE, this final step will help you!

6. Pay close attention to the question prompt.

Some questions ask if the attorney is liable civilly (in which case you want to consider the elements of negligence, in most cases). Others ask whether the attorney should be disciplined (in which case you want to consider the ABA Model Rules). Make sure you answer the question that is being asked!

7. Eliminate no-harm, no-foul answer choices if the question asks if the attorney should be subject to discipline.

An attorney can be subject to discipline even if the client is not harmed. The ABA model rules do not look at the client’s harm; rather, the ABA model rules examine the attorney’s conduct. Thus, avoid answer choices that say “no, the lawyer should not be subject to discipline because the client was not harmed.”

8. Fall back on common sense.

If you really do not know an answer, use common sense. While it is not good to only rely on common sense when taking the MPRE, relying on common sense is better than randomly guessing if you don’t know the answer!

9. See if you can think of the right answer before looking at the answer choices.

Some students find this very helpful — particularly students that second-guess themselves or fall for common traps. The strategy is to read the question and the call of the question, then see if you can think of the correct answer choice before even reading the answer choices. After you think of your answer, find an answer choice that matches the one you picked.

10. Review all answer choices.

Some students immediately pick an answer choice — the first one that looks good — and move on. A better strategy is to review the other answer choices, even if you think they are incorrect. Occasionally, you will read something that makes you change your mind! (Note: You should not get in the habit of constantly second-guessing yourself. If reviewing answer choices causes you anxiety, it might be a good idea to complete more practice questions before you take the MPRE if possible!)

We hope you enjoyed these last-minute tips for passing the MPRE. Good luck on the MPRE!

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