Three Reasons Why Law School Tutoring Is Beneficial

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Three Reasons Why Law School Tutoring Is Beneficial

As we get closer to the end of the semester, we receive calls from many 1L students asking for last minute help as they begin their study period and take their first set of law school exams. For many 1L students, this period is extremely stressful. It is the first time they are being evaluated, even though they have been in school for months. This, on top of the fact that many agree that 1L is the most important year of law school, adds on a lot of anxiety and unnecessary stress. Students feel pressured to do well. If you’re considering signing up for law school tutoring, check out these three reasons why students find it beneficial!

Three Reasons Why Law School Tutoring Is Beneficial

1. Guidance

Many of us here at JD Advising were the first people in our families to attend law school. This meant that we did not have anyone to consult with during those stressful periods or when we were struggling with a certain subject.  As a result, we had no idea if we were on the right path.  Signing up for law school tutoring (especially during this last month of the semester) will help students make sure that they’re on track. It will also allow them to correct any mistakes they’ve made in their preparation so far.

2. Feedback

As mentioned previously, for most students, final exams are the first time in the semester that they are evaluated. By that point, it is too late to do anything about your first semester grades. By signing up for law school tutoring, students are able to complete practice exams and have them reviewed. The tutor can then provide feedback to help students format their answers during the actual exam.  By completing practice exams, the tutor can also decipher whether the student understands the substantive law in a certain subject. He or she can then make recommendations on which areas to focus on.

3. Accountability

Some law students find it hard to keep up in law school right after completing their undergraduate studies. They are conditioned to the format of undergraduate classes, which kept them accountable through weekly quizzes, quarterly exams, and homework assignments. These options don’t exist in most first-year courses. Therefore, students who need accountability struggle with staying on track the whole semester. By signing up for law school tutoring, students are held accountable by their tutors. Meeting weekly or monthly with a tutor helps students review their class notes and create outlines. At the end of the semester, meeting with a tutor may require that students practice past exam questions.  As a result, students find that their grades are higher because they have to constantly review and practice the material for their law school tutoring sessions.

Interested in law school tutoring or assistance?

If you are interested in an in-depth course that goes over how to succeed in law school, please consider signing up for our law school preparatory course or utilizing our law school tutoring services if you need help while you are in law school.

If you are interested in tutoring for law school exams or learning more about how to answer law school exam questions, please  visit our law school tutoring page here or click here to contact us. We offer sessions both online and in-person in our office in Birmingham, Michigan. We provide outline assistance, feedback on exam questions, and also one-on-one assistance in tackling an exam question. In addition, we are very flexible about scheduling sessions — some students just meet with us once to go over an exam; some students meet with us multiple times to reviewing substantive law, outlining, and exam-taking strategies!

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