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focused during the MBE

3 Tips To Stay Focused During The MBE

One of the biggest keys to success during the MBE is the ability to focus. This is the longest portion of the exam with 200 questions over the course of six hours. Concentrating for that long over the duration of the test is a difficult task, and many lose focus at least once during the exam. With only about 1 minute 33 seconds to answer each question, you do not have time to waste. When taking the exam, follow these tips to stay focused during the MBE!

3 Tips To Stay Focused During The MBE

1. Focus only on the question you are working on.

With 100 questions in your book, it can be easy to let your mind wander to thinking about how much you have to do in such a small window. It is also hard to shift from thinking about criminal law to answering a question about civil procedure. The best thing you can do is focus solely on the question at hand. Nothing else matters but the question you are reading. Even if you start feeling rushed for time, just try and answer one question at a time. If you concentrate on each question, you will find that you can answer it and move to the next one. As you move from question to question, you will find that you are taking them together and moving along through the test.

2. Once you answered a question, do not go back!

Second-guessing yourself is one of the worst things you can do on this exam. Not only does it take up valuable time, but it will also cause you to lose points. Your gut feeling and first instincts are usually the correct one. Once you answer a question, do not go back in the middle of the exam to review it. As stated above, you only have about a minute and a half for each question, while you will almost certainly be able to answer some in less time, you do not have time to waste reviewing what you have already done. You have studied hard for the past two months, trust yourself. As a note, going back to questions you have already answered is different than skipping questions. If there is a question where you have no clue, absolutely skip it and go back, but only if there is time.

3. Take a few breaths after every 20 questions

Another tip for improving focus is taking a controlled break. While this may seem counterintuitive, taking a few moments to yourself at regular intervals can benefit you in the long run. You will likely be able to answer some questions faster than others build up some extra time as a cushion. If you find that you are pacing yourself well, take a few seconds to yourself every 20 questions. After your 20th question, close your eyes and take a few breaths. Even a break this small will allow you to feel refreshed and ready to take on the next set of questions.

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