3rd-Time Illinois Bar Exam Taker Improves 30 Points With Our Course!

Illinois Bar Exam Taker

3rd Time Illinois Bar Exam Taker Improves Score At Least 30 Points After Taking JD Advising’s UBE Course!

3rd Time Illinois Bar Exam Taker Improves Score At Least 30 Points After Taking JD Advising’s UBE Course: Taking the bar exam for the second, third, or even fourth time? If so, don’t lose hope! In this post, we have a testimonial from a July 2017 Illinois bar exam taker who passed the exam on his third attempt. He took our UBE course, and credits it with helping him get over the hump! Read further for details…

3rd Time Illinois Bar Exam Taker Improves Score At Least 30 Points After Taking JD Advising’s UBE Course

Here is the testimonial from our student, who took our July 2017 UBE Course:

“My score prior to taking this course was a 236. While the bar examiners refuse to release my passing score, at minimum I made a 30 point jump to pass with a 266. I took the exam twice before taking the JD Advising UBE Course. I would highly recommend using this course versus any commercial course like Barbri or Kaplan. If I could go back I would have never signed up for a commercial course. Unlike commercial courses, JD Advising provided UBE outlines that were not as dense, and multiple examples after each concept that actually make sense. Since I have trouble memorizing, this was a game changer. I was mentally capable of breaking down the concept and capable of associating the concept/topic with certain scenarios for a practical use on the exam.

Moreover, the UBE Course provided actual bar exam essay questions from the past, allowing everyone to practice questions that will likely be brought up on the actual exam. Lastly, the best way to study for this exam is improving your essays through constant feedback, quizzes that force you to memorize, short outlines with easy to learn mnemonics, and a proper strategy to attack the multiple choice which can only be learned through this course.”

He is not the only one who improved his score significantly and who passed despite all odds. JD Advising also had a sixth-time taker pass the bar exam after taking the UBE course!

Looking to sign up for the course that helped this student improve their score 30+ points. Check out our UBE Course. Please read more about the course here.

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