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4 Tips To Help You Study For the UBE In Your Spare Time

Do you need to be somewhere in an hour?  Is it close to the end of your study day but you just aren’t ready to shut it down yet?  Looking for some short and simple things you can do to fill your time?  In this post, we give you four short tasks that will still help you study for the UBE in your spare time.

4 Tips To Help You Study For the UBE In Your Spare Time

1. Do a quick “memorization quiz.”

One great way to study for the UBE in your spare time is to grab one of your outlines, open it to a random page, identify a topic that is covered on that page, and then try to recite the rules for that topic from memory.  This is a quick way to test whether you can call up the rules for a topic chosen basically at random.  Remember that on the bar exam you are going to have to be able to identify any rule from any subject in any order.  Therefore, take a few minutes to see what you are able to recall when you aren’t just working your way through an entire subject.

2. Read through your “legal pad.”

At JD Advising, we are big proponents of what we call the “legal pad method.”  Each time you get an MBE question wrong, take a minute to write down why on a legal pad.  If you made more of a mechanical mistake, like reading too fast or missing a key fact, take note of that so that you can learn from these mistakes.  If you didn’t remember a rule, write that rule down on your legal pad.  After a while, you will have a handy list of rules that have tripped you up in the past and mistakes that you need to correct.  If you are looking for a great way to study for the UBE in your spare time, grab your legal pad and read through it!  Try to work on memorizing the rules that you missed so that you can get the question right the next time.

3. Utilize flashcards.

Flashcards are an excellent bar exam study tool when used appropriately.  The key is to be sure that you are not wasting your time by creating too many.  You should not create a flashcard for every single rule tested on the bar exam.  That would take an incredible amount of time, which could be better used for both memorizing and practicing.  But when you come across a particularly tricky rule or you struggle to differentiate between concepts, flashcards can be very useful!  And then you can review these flashcards when you want to study for the UBE in your spare time.  This is a great tip particularly for visual learners who can use flashcards to organize rules and see how they come together.

For more information, check out our tips and tricks to create MBE flashcards without wasting time.

4. Practice a few MBE questions slowly and methodically.

It can be very difficult to complete a substantial MBE practice set when you are only trying to squeeze in studying for the UBE in your spare time.  Even a 15-question practice set takes 27 minutes to get through if you are doing it timed.  Plus, it takes even longer to review every question and the answer choice explanations.  Timed sets are better saved for when you have a chunk of available time.  But to study for the UBE in your spare time, you can take a handful of MBE questions and complete them slowly and methodically.  Not every question has to be completed by racing the clock.  You can work on your approach to MBE questions and your understanding of how the law applies by slowing down. Even if you only get through a couple of questions, that’s ok!  This was still a valuable use of your time!  You can read more about how we advise you to approach MBE questions here!

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