bar exam memorization tips for visual learners

5 Bar Exam Memorization Tips for Visual Learners

It is very important to understand your learning style in order to get the most out of your study time.  There are many different study techniques out there and some work better than others for each individual.  Be sure to take our bar exam learning style quiz to figure out how you learn best!  In this post we cover 5 bar exam memorization tips for visual learners!  These are for people who learn more by seeing as opposed to hearing or doing.  If you learn best this way, then these bar exam memorization tips for visual learners will greatly benefit you!

5 Bar Exam Memorization Tips for Visual Learners

1. Take notes during lecture.

Visual learners learn by seeing and absorbing what is written in front of them.  Listening to lectures might not be as valuable since there isn’t as much of a visual component.  However, lectures can still be of use!  The first of our bar exam memorization tips for visual learners is to take really good notes during lecture.  You might not be able to remember as much from lecture if you are just sitting there listening.  However, if you document the key points made during lecture, you will have something in a medium that is more useful to you.  The act of writing the material down will help etch it in your mind, and then you can re-read it later in order to reinforce it.  In general though, if you don’t find you get much out of lectures, that’s perfectly understandable!

2. Quiz yourself by re-writing your outlines.

The second of our bar exam memorization tips for visual learners is to re-write your outlines.  Take a small chunk of your outline (i.e. the rules for character evidence).  Read over this section a few times until you think you remember it.  Then put your outline aside and try to re-write as much of this section as you can.  Repeat this process until you can replicate the section to your satisfaction.  You don’t have to hit every tiny detail, but make sure you can get all of the key points down!  An additional point is that even after you feel like you understand a subject, make sure you keep coming back to it throughout your bar prep.  Give the subjects you’ve already completed a thorough review to make sure they stick in your brain.

3. Create flashcards (smartly!).

Flashcards can be a very effective bar exam study tool, but only when they are used appropriately.  The third of our bar exam memorization tips for visual learners is to utilize flashcards when necessary to help with the difficult rules and the highly tested topics.  One of the biggest mistakes a one can make when studying for the bar is to make flashcards for every single rule.  You waste far too much time doing this.  However, for visual learners, flashcards can be a great tool to help memorize the areas of law you are struggling with.  When you get a question wrong or don’t understand a concept, turn it into a flashcard.  Although the act of creating the flashcard is beneficial, make sure you complete the process by quizzing yourself with them.  Flashcards can be great for visual learners as they allow you to interact with the material in a useful form. Just make sure you don’t overwhelm yourself with them.

4. Utilize colors, charts, graphs, and flowcharts.

Visual aids such as charts, graphs, and flowcharts can be a visual learner’s best friend.  Accordingly, one of the best bar exam memorization tips for visual learners is to work these kinds of diagrams into your outlines and your practice.  When you come across an intricate concept, create some sort of picture that allows you to work through the topic in a more descriptive fashion.  Sometimes you can make new connections this way, see how the rules interact and overlap, as opposed to just trying to understand the words on a page.  Utilize color to help you categorize things.  Highlight and mark up your outlines so that you can truly see how the law works.  This sort of interaction with the material is perfect for visual learners.

5. Study alone more often than in a group.

The last of our bar exam memorization tips for visual learners is that you’ll probably find it far more productive to study alone than with a partner or in a group.  Study groups are more useful for auditory learners as it allows them to talk through the material with others.  As visual learners learn better by seeing, it isn’t quite as useful to participate in conversations about the material.  Of course, this isn’t to say that you should never study with a partner or a group, as getting additional perspectives on complicated topics can be helpful!  But the majority of your study time will likely be better spent studying by yourself, using your own methods.

Laura Sigler, a JD Advising Legal Researcher and Essay Grader wrote this post.