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5 Law School Supplies for a Better Online Law School Experience

Here are five law school supplies that we recommend if you are looking for a better online law school experience. These are supplies that I (the author) personally use and strongly recommend! I only wish I would have found out about some of them earlier than I did!

5 Law School Supplies for a Better Online Law School Experience

(Note: we do use affiliate links.)

1.Laptop Stand

If you take a lot of selfies, you may have noticed that holding your camera at an upward angle facing downward creates a more attractive look. The same goes for how you look on your zoom camera. I absolutely love my laptop stand. (I have this exact one and love it but you may want to check to see which one will fit your laptop.) It is $25 and I use it every time I am in a zoom meeting.  My face is not too high, too low, or too close up to the camera.

Note: others will be able to see more of the room that you are in (i.e. your chair and maybe some of the floor behind you) if you use this laptop stand so test it out once before going live!

2. Laptop light

Have you ever been too backlit in a zoom meeting? Get a laptop light that you can easily attach to your laptop. This is very similar to the one I have. (I actually bought a second laptop cover because this one attaches to the laptop cover. So I have two laptop covers and I just switch them out when I am going to be on an important zoom call.  (Note: this one is more expensive but got good reviews and does not actually attach to your laptop, so you may want to consider this if you don’t want something physically stuck to your laptop!)

This makes your face look brighter. You can dim it or turn it up as necessary. This takes care of a lot of the backlighting issues that I used to have and makes me look better overall!

3. Dual monitor 

If you don’t already have a dual monitor, I cannot say enough great things about it! It makes going to class so much easier — you can watch lectures on one screen and type notes (or look up case briefs) on the dual monitor. I highly recommend investing in one. This is the one I have but there are a lot of different options and it is hard to go wrong with whatever you select!

4. Wireless keyboard and mouse 

A wireless keyboard and mouse is a great investment if you use two screens (particularly if your laptop is hoisted up on a laptop stand!) It makes it convenient to work without twisting your back or cranking your neck at an awkward angle. (I got a wireless keyboard after working all weekend and finding I was incredibly sore just from sitting at my desk!) So I highly recommend making this investment for the sake of your posture!

5. Webcam cover-up 

This is something that I just got. I used to just use electrical tape but it left a sticky residue on my laptop and did not look all that great! A webcam cover-up will stick to your laptop and it has a slider so you can cover up your webcam when it is not in use. I do this for peace of mind whenever I am not in a meeting. I have this exact one and it looks great (you can barely notice it), functions great, and has not fallen off yet. (But if it does, it comes with two back-ups!)

Hope these law school supplies help make your online law school experience better!

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