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5 Quick Tips for Michigan Bar Exam Repeat Takers

If you are taking the Michigan bar exam as a repeat taker, there are a few things we recommend you do to set yourself up for success. Below are our five quick tips for Michigan bar exam repeat takers.

5 Quick Tips for Michigan Bar Exam Repeat Takers

1. Use your score report to inform your approach. 

Your Michigan bar exam score report is a valuable source of information so do not ignore it. You can learn how to dissect your score report here. You can read more about what your MBE score means here.  Your score report may also give you other valuable clues — for example, if you scored low on essay question numbers 8 and 9 (the last questions in the morning session), maybe it was because you were running out of time.

In addition to studying your score report, you should also request your essays and read them over or have a colleague or tutor review them as well.

2. Consider what it costs to not change your approach.

A lot of students say they cannot afford to change their approach to the bar exam. They work, they attempt to study on weekends and evenings, and they keep failing the bar exam. We have known of several examinees who retake the bar exam between five and ten times (and are so close to passing). They take years to pass because they did not dedicate the time to changing their approach once and for all.

Consider what it costs to not change your approach. If you do not pass the bar exam, you will continue to pay the application fee, hotel and travel fees, you may have to retake character and fitness. Not to mention you are putting your career on hold and potentially costing yourself thousands of dollars in a potential salary. This does not even take into account the mental and emotional drain that retaking the bar exam has. We suggest you consult the bottom of this blog post for additional bar exam resources. If affordability is an issue, we offer payment plans through Affirm on our courses, including our new, very affordable On Demand course which is currently being sold at a discounted price for a limited time.

3. Make the essays a priority.

So many students worry about the MBE without realizing how much they can dramatically improve their essay score by spending a bit more time writing practice essays. If writing at least five essays a week is not in your bar exam study schedule, please add it!

4. Focus on the highly tested topics.

This is not to say you should ignore anything but do not spend the same amount of time on RAP (generally one MBE question) as you do negligence (12-13 MBE questions and frequently tested on the essays). Your goal is not to learn 24 areas of law perfectly. Your goal is to pass the bar exam.

5. Start studying early.

If you are a repeat taker, we recommend you start studying early. Our classes start on December 1 and end the first week in February. Following a similar schedule gives you a time to spread out your studies as well as a two-week break over the holidays.

If you have any questions about the Michigan bar exam, please feel free to contact us or post below!

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