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5-Star MPRE Tutoring: One-on-One Tutoring Services 

Are you looking for five-star MPRE tutoring to help you pass the MPRE?

Our MPRE tutors are rated five stars by students and have helped countless students pass the MPRE with flying colors! The testimonials students give our MPRE tutors speak for themselves.

How many MPRE tutoring sessions should I purchase? 

You can purchase just one session at a time or multiple sessions for a discounted rate.

If you are just looking to clarify a few areas of law, or a last-minute review session, then one session is a great idea. If the MPRE is a high-stakes exam for you (i.e., you have to pass it this time or your career will be on hold) or if you have taken it multiple times, then more than one session is probably a good idea.

What do you do in an MPRE tutoring session? 

We do all of the following in our tutoring sessions:

  • Explain areas of law that students commonly have trouble with (e.g., conflicts of interest)
  • Help students prepare a study schedule so that they are studying effectively
  • Review practice questions
  • Discuss strategies to best approach MPRE questions
  • Answer questions about the law, the exam, and test day

Our tutors are not just MPRE experts, but they also serve as coaches and friends to our students!

Can I read some testimonials? 

Yes, a few are posted below but you can read many more MPRE tutoring testimonials here.

I’ve taken the MPRE 4 times. My score was a 98 — before that, my highest score was a 68, so my score increased by 30 points (wow!).

I absolutely found the tutoring helpful. Having scheduled times to meet with a tutor helped me stay on top of the material and gave me more motivation to study. The thing I liked the most was taking the time to go over questions with Heather because I liked having someone to bounce ideas off of for answers. The outline was great – I felt like there was enough detail to be useful but never so much that I felt overwhelmed by the material. The condensed outline in the back was a great review on the night before the exam.

I would definitely recommend this program to other people. This tutoring was the reason I finally passed the MPRE and I think it’s a very well organized and executed program.

After my 4th attempt at the MPRE I came Meagan for the tutoring package to help me pass the MPRE now going to be my 5th attempt. I never took Professional Responsibility in law school and am a foreign attorney looking to get licensed in Texas.  The materials she provided and her videos were easy to follow and understand and put things in a way that I remembered them. What was even more helpful was the one-on-one tutoring sessions I had with her. She broke down each section into small parts and really spent the time to explain things in easy to understand, practical scenarios that helped me pass the MPRE.

I think without the tutoring and her explanations I wouldn’t have passed. I would recommend Meagan for any re-takers of the MPRE especially multiple re-takers and foreign-educated or licensed attorneys.

I was tutored by Heather for the MPRE last month, and I finally passed this time! This was my fourth time taking it. My previous scores were 75, then 79, then 61. I am so glad I went with JD Advising because this time I scored 90. Thank you for everything! 

I want to sign up! 

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  • Looking to Pass the MPRE?

    We offer the following services:

    • A free MPRE Course that comes with expert instruction, a free outline, free practice questions, and free one-sheet! This course is rated 5/5 stars by our students!
    • Real MPRE questions, which are the best way to ensure you are prepared for the questions on test day!
    • MPRE private tutoring to help you learn everything you need to pass the MPRE, including an MPRE outline and an MPRE study plan tailored to your individualized needs.
    • A variety of excellent and free MPRE resources to help you conquer the MPRE.

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