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5 tips to prepare for the uniform bar exam in the fall, fall uniform bar exam tips

5 Uniform Bar Exam tips to keep in mind for a fall bar exam

If you are taking the Uniform Bar Exam this fall, please keep reading for five tips to keep in mind. Since this is a less usual administration, we can expect an exam that may not be the standard Uniform Bar Exam. There are a few things you can do while you study to adjust to these changes.

1. Expect a less usual exam.

It is fun to make predictions on what is coming up (and we have a post every administration on our predictions!). However, the exam may be less predictable overall this year. Why? Because the NCBE has to write three bar exams. So instead of administering six MEE questions, it will administer 18. This means that the NCBE may feel more at liberty to test unusual subjects, repeat subjects, or otherwise administer an exam that is a bit more strange.

Instead of administering two MPTs, it will administer six MPTs. So we may see more unusual or unexpected tasks. Or, at the very least, it may be hard to predict which tasks are coming up.

This brings us to our next tip…

2. Don’t ignore any subjects! 

Don’t count on any single subject appearing (or not appearing!) on your bar exam.  You don’t want to take any chances. Instead, make sure you review all of the subjects. Of course, you can focus on the highly tested areas of law and make efficiency your priority.

3. Keep reviewing the law. 

If you are studying early, it is important to go back and keep reviewing the law that you learned. If you do not do this, you will inevitably forget what you learned. Make reviewing the law a priority. We recommend scheduling days where you only review past law that you have already learned. (If you are studying really early, you could even incorporate weeks where you do this.)

4. Don’t ignore the MPT! 

While this is always a tip of ours, it is especially important this administration to not ignore the MPT portion of the bar exam. Why? For a few reasons. First of all, even if the NCBE does have a less predictable MPT portion (for example, perhaps it test more “wildcard” tasks or difficult tasks), once you have the basic format and style down, you will be able to adapt quickly to whatever is tested. (For the MEE, you either know the law or you don’t. But, for the MPT portion, once you have the basics down and the format down, you will be able to quickly adapt to what you are given!)

5. Stay safe! 

Make sure to make your mental and physical health a priority when you study for the bar exam. We have tips below and additional tips here!

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