february 2020 michigan bar exam

A Few Tips for February 2020 Michigan Bar Exam Takers

In this post, we cover just a few tips for February 2020 Michigan bar exam takers. Keep these in mind as you gear up for the February 2020 Michigan bar!

1. Please review the new changes to Civil Procedure that have just taken effect in Michigan!

Michigan’s discovery rules have changed and are effective now. If you are taking a course that does not update its outlines/lectures every administration, this may be news to you! (It is a big deal among practicing attorneys though! So we would not be surprised if they tested these new rules!).

The good news is that Michigan’s discovery rules are more similar to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. So, there is actually less to memorize!

2. Be aware of recent changes to Michigan No-Fault law.

Michigan No-Fault law changed last year. Many of the changes are not on particularly “testable topics”. But if you do not have a list of the recent changes, it is worth it to make yourself aware of them.

3. The Michigan Board of Law Examiners has tested recent cases on the Criminal Procedure essay. 

For the July 2019 Michigan bar exam, the Board of Law Examiners tested a Michigan case that was just recently decided — People v Mead, 503 Mich ____ (2019). We are regularly looking up recent decisions, particularly on search and seizure, Miranda, and the Confrontation Clause.

We cover new cases we think are ripe for testing in our Michigan bar exam seminar.

4. Don’t ignore Professional Responsibility but don’t spend too much time on it. 

The Michigan Board of Law Examiners has indicated to law schools that Professional Responsibility would no longer be tested on the Michigan bar exam because the MPRE exists! Indeed, Professional Responsibility has not been tested since 2016. You should not ignore it since it is still in the Board of Law Examiners’ list of testable topics. But we also don’t advise you spend too much time on it, either!

5. The bar exam is now held at the Kellogg Center so the seating will likely be different from past exams. 

If you have taken a bar exam in the recent past, you may have found yourself sitting diagonally from other students and essentially facing them during the exam. At the Kellogg Center, examinees are typically sitting in rows (rather than diagonally) and so you may not be facing anyone during the exam. Most examinees are relieved to hear this! So, we hope they keep this seating arrangement the same.

Good luck on the February 2020 Michigan bar exam!

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