Here you can read more about our founder, course instructors, tutors, and staff! We have a few descriptions to add/update, which we plan on doing shortly!

Ashley Heidemann

Ashley HeidemannAshley Heidemann is the founder of JD Advising. She graduated as the #1 student out of 203 students in her class at Wayne State University Law School. She thereafter received a top score of 182 on the Michigan bar exam with a score of 180 on the MBE and a 184 on the essays. She has designed courses, seminars, and published books on the Michigan bar exam, Uniform Bar Exam as well as other state bar exams. She has also designed and taught a law school preparatory course as well as an Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) course.

Ms. Heidemann is an avid speaker and has spoken at several colleges and law schools. She speaks about pre-law success, law school success, and success on the bar exam. Her company, JD Advising, works with law schools nationally. Ms. Heidemann is also an avid writer. She started and has maintained our JD Advising blog with thousands of posts and has published several articles in national publications such as the National Jurist. She is currently a monthly contributor to the National Jurist. She also has written books on both the Michigan bar exam and Uniform Bar Exam. She has published MEE one-sheets and MBE one-sheets.

Further, she founded the Heidemann Law Firm which has an outstanding bar exam appeal success rate. Her firm consistently writes the majority of passing appeals in the state of Michigan. For the July 2017 administration, her firm wrote 10 of the 11 passing appeals in the state.

Meagan Jabbori

Meagan E. Jabbori has sat for both the Michigan bar exam and Uniform bar exam (UBE). She scored 96th percentile on Washington’s UBE in February 2017.  Meagan has been tutoring for law school and the bar exam with JD Advising, LLC since 2014. Meagan teaches a Michigan bar exam course, a Michigan bar exam essay course, and co-teaches a Uniform bar exam course.

Meagan also speaks about and writes about the Michigan bar exam. She has presented seminars on the Michigan bar exam and has spoken at Wayne State University Law School about the bar exam application process. Meagan has further established herself as an expert by being a leading contributor to the JD Advising blog, which is read by thousands of individuals. She writes articles on the bar exam, law school, the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), and other legal education topics.

Further, Meagan has established herself as an expert on the MPRE. She privately tutors for the MPRE and teaches an MPRE course which is personally designed by her. Among her MPRE students, Meagan boasts a 90% passage rate.

Lastly, Meagan is also a partner of the Heidemann Law Firm. The Heidemann Law Firm specializes in writing Michigan Bar Exam appeals. In the last year, the Heidemann Law Firm wrote more passing Michigan bar exam appeals than any other firm in the state, thus establishing itself and both partners in the firm as leading experts on the Michigan bar examination.

Christine Ambika Mehta

Ambika is an expert at passing (and helping others pass!), bar exams. She passed the California bar exam, the New York bar exam, and the New Jersey bar exam. She has scored over 95th percentile on the MBE. Ambika has tutored students taking the California bar exam, baby bar exam (FYLSE), the Alaska Bar Exam, the Illinois bar exam, the Michigan bar exam, the New Jersey bar exam, the New York bar exam, the Georgia bar exam, and the Uniform Bar Exam, among others.

Ambika is also an avid researcher and writer. She writes regularly for the JD Advising blog and contributes significantly to researching current legal issues, keeping our outlines updated and making accurate Uniform bar exam predictions each administration! For the July 2017 Uniform bar exam, Ambika predicted virtually all of the subjects that would be tested as well as over 90% of the issues tested which she went over with students in our Multistate Essay Exam seminar.

Ambika graduated summa cum laude with a degree in Government and German Studies from Colby College in 2004. Thereafter she received a Fulbright scholarship and moved to Berlin, Germany to research asylum laws proposed by German political parties. She later attended the University of California, Davis – School of Law, where she focused her studies on international law. She then worked as a legal fellow at the International Justice Resource Center in San Francisco, California. She now tutors bar exam students, law students, and MPRE students one-on-one and tailors her sessions to each student’s particular needs. She also teaches our Uniform Bar Exam Course, Multistate Essay Exam course, and Multistate Essay Exam seminar. Students find her to be extremely knowledgeable, helpful, and professional.

Nick Dempsey-Klott

Nick is a star Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) tutor who scored 95th percentile on the LSAT. He has helped several students improve their LSAT scores dramatically by teaching them how to capitalize on their strengths and improve their weaknesses. He regularly tutors both first time LSAT takers and repeat LSAT takers and provides tutoring both online and in person. He tailors study schedules and sessions to the needs of the student. In addition to tutoring students privately, Nick has also designed an LSAT course to help students succeed on the LSAT in a group setting.

Further, Nick is an avid writer and speaker. He publishes weekly articles about the LSAT on our  JD Advising blog. He also speaks regularly at Wayne State University Law School (WSU) to students looking to be admitted to law school. He creates and administers mock LSATs at WSU Law School approximately once a quarter. In addition to providing LSAT tutoring services, Nick is also the business manager of JD Advising and keeps our company running smoothly!

Lena Gonzalez

Lena is a fantastic law school and bar exam tutor. She received an extremely high score on the July 2016 Michigan bar exam, including a score of 169 (above 95th percentile) on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). Lena tutors for both the Michigan bar exam and Uniform bar exam. She also helps law students succeed on their final exams and tailors her law school tutoring sessions to both teaching substantive law and teaching how to master law school final exams.

Lena graduated cum laude from Wayne State University Law School in 2016 and received numerous awards in addition to a full merit scholarship. She is currently an attorney and specializes in immigration and litigation. She also has experience with no-fault, tort, and employment law.

Erica Lemanski

Description coming soon!

Laura Sigler

Laura Sigler is a recent graduate of Wayne State University Law School where she ranked in the top 15 students of her 2016 class. While at Wayne Law, Laura spent two years on the Wayne Law Review, serving as a Senior Articles Editor in her final year. Her Note was one of a handful selected for publication in 2016.

Prior to attending law school, Laura received a Bachelor’s degree in political science and a Master’s degree in sports management from the University of Michigan. Laura is an avid writer and blogger. She regularly publishes articles on JD Advising’s blog where she offers advice to current and incoming law students, as well as bar exam takers.

She also regularly researches legal issues for JD Advising and assists in contributing to bar exam outlines and materials.

Klaudia Psari

Klaudia Psari JD Advising

Klaudia is the Director of Marketing and Sales for JD Advising.  Klaudia studied psychology at Wayne State University and obtained her Juris Doctor degree from Wayne State University Law School. While in law school, Klaudia served as the Senior Member Advisor for the Wayne Law Moot Court team, as the chancellor for the Jessup International Moot Court team and as a Senior Notes Editor for The Journal of Law in Society.  Following her graduation, Klaudia utilized JD Advising to study for her bar exam.  After successfully completing the bar exam and prior to joining JD Advising, Klaudia practiced as a commercial litigator at a law firm in Detroit.


Heather Piotrowski

Heather graduated cum laude from Wayne State University Law School, graduating in the top 10% of her class. She received numerous scholarships and awards at Wayne State, including the Patrick J. Burkett Award, which is given to the top first-year law student in Legal Research and Writing Course. She also served on the Wayne Law Review’s Executive Board as the Production Editor.

After law school, Heather spent about 3 years clerking for various judges at the Wayne County Circuit Court. She also has experience in no-fault litigation and contract and employment law.