About JD Advising

advantages of jd advising, advantages of taking jd advising, uniform bar exam course for repeat takersOur mission is to help law students, firms, and schools achieve their goals by providing the highest quality of legal education services. We offer pre-law services, law school tutoring services, and bar exam services.

We are most known for our excellent bar exam services. We have built a reputation of having high-quality bar exam preparation courses with fantastic passage rates.

We work with several law schools, including Wayne State University Law School, Michigan State University College of Law, and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. Law schools pay for students to attend our courses and seminars, and several law schools purchase our products, essay grading, or tutoring for students. We also teach bar exam preparatory courses at law schools and regularly speak about the bar exam and law school success.

Several law firms, including Am Law firms, pay for students to take our full-service bar exam courses or our supplemental courses.

In addition to working with law schools and firms, we also publish articles on the bar exam and law school. We have published several books and highly regarded One-Sheets. We have a blog that is widely read by law students, bar exam takers, and law school faculty. We also are a regular contributor to the National Jurist and have had articles featured in the non sequitur section of Above the Law.

The founding member of JD Advising also founded The Heidemann Jabbori Law Firm, which specializes in bar exam appeals. For the July 2018 administration, The Heidemann Jabbori Law Firm wrote all of the passing bar exam appeals in the State of Michigan. We pride ourselves on being experts on the bar exam.