UBE Bar tutor for first-time takers

Advantages Of Hiring A UBE Bar Tutor For First-Time Takers

If you are taking the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) for the first time, bar prep can seem a daunting task. You have to become an expert in the law, as well as the intricacies of the MBE, MEE, and MPT. It’s no wonder many people feel lost when they start out. A great option is to hire a UBE tutor. In this post, we touch on the advantages of hiring a J.D. Advising UBE bar tutor for first-time takers!

Advantages Of Hiring A UBE Bar Tutor For First-Time Takers

1. One-on-one attention

A huge advantage to hiring a UBE tutor for first-time takers is getting one-on-one attention. The amount and difficulty of the material you need to know for the bar exam is well-documented.  If a first-time taker struggles with difficult material, private study and commercial courses don’t offer great avenues for help.  A Uniform Bar Exam tutor will definitely save you the hassle. They will help you focus on your strengths, weaknesses, and potential areas of improvement. They can also cover difficult concepts in a tailored way to make sure you have a firm grasp of the law. Our tutors are UBE experts and can give you the individualized attention you need to pass.

2. Accountability

One of the advantages of hiring a UBE bar tutor for first-time takers is that they can help keep you accountable. Unfortunately, most bar review courses do not provide you a lot of structure. Unless you have other commitments like work or family, you can order your days as you see fit. As you can imagine, many first time takers lull themselves into a false sense of security. For many, procrastination can lead to failing the bar exam! A UBE bar tutor can help you stay on track, and hold you accountable for all your time between sessions.

A lot of our students tell us that just knowing they will be meeting with a tutor (or that a tutor will be expecting to receive essays from them each week!) keeps them accountable!

3. Superior outlines, resources, and study techniques

For first-time UBE takers, the quality of instruction, bar exam resources, and study techniques is key to their success. We tailor our outlines to the UBE. We also update our outlines after every administration. To start, we color code and organize our outlines to ensure that your review is as efficient as possible. In addition, we also provide the most recently released MEEs and MPTs applicable to each tutoring session, meaning you have the most up to date material to practice with.

We combine these items with a systematic approach to studying for the bar. Ultimately, we give our students practical, effective memorization and studying techniques that complement our fantastic study material. If you want to pass the UBE as a first-time taker, you need great instruction and material. We have both!

4. Essay feedback

We provide essay feedback each week for our private UBE students. You will assuredly get enough MEE and MPT practice — and you will get feedback as part of the cost of the tutoring session. This is a major advantage that many commercial courses don’t provide!

5. Peace of Mind

Another advantage of hiring a UBE bar tutor for first-time takers is peace of mind. You’ve never taken the Uniform Bar Exam before. So, how are you supposed to know how to prepare? Or if you are preparing effectively? Some students don’t realize how ineffective their preparation is until it is too late.

Our UBE bar tutors have been there and done that themselves. Our experienced UBE tutors have helped guide students through the process too. That means they should be excellent judges of where you currently are, where you need to be, and how to get you there! So, while you do need to worry about passing the UBE, you do not need to worry about getting positive and constructive feedback!

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