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Alternatives to Hiring a Bar Exam Tutor

Some students automatically assume a bar exam tutor is the right option for them. (And it is true that many students truly benefit from tutoring!) However, there are some alternatives to hiring a bar exam tutor that are worth exploring. It is possible that one of the below options might actually be a better fit than a bar exam tutor!


Sometimes a bar exam course is the right fit for you. The benefits of taking a course are:

  • you cover the material in-depth (all of it!)
  • you learn strategies to conquer the law
  • it is cheaper than hiring a tutor

However, a course — even a personalized one like ours, which comes with essay grading, check-ins, and the ability to ask questions before, during, or after class! — does not offer the same level of one-on-one attention as a private personal bar exam tutor. Nonetheless, many students find a bar exam course to be a great alternative to a bar exam tutor, especially if the student needs to cover all of the law from top to bottom!

Bar Exam Essay Feedback

Some students need the accountability and direction that comes from weekly bar exam essay feedback. These are often students who are very close to passing the bar exam. Or those that need the accountability of actually turning in their essays to a private grader each week.

Bar exam essay feedback is significantly cheaper than tutoring. And it does come with personal feedback. However, it does not come with any face-time with a tutor so is a little limited. But if accountability and an essay score boost is what you need, consider enrolling in one-on-one bar exam essay feedback.

Bar Exam Consultation

Some students are just looking for a study schedule and an analysis of what they should do differently to pass. (These students may even be considering private tutoring but just aren’t sure if it is the right fit!) In that case, it is worth it to start with a bar exam consultation rather than a one-on-one tutoring session. The bar exam consultation can provide a birdseye view of what is needed to pass the bar exam, rather than focusing on any particular subject or strategy. Many students have benefitted greatly from undergoing a bar exam consultation.


If you are looking to boost your score but do not need one-on-one attention, a supplement is the way to go!

A supplement such as MEE one-sheets or MBE one-sheets can reveal the highly tested areas of law, thus making your studying much more efficient.

A supplement, such as real MBE questions can be a great supplement to course-invented questions because they give you theĀ realĀ NCBE-released questions.

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