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Am I the only one that failed the MPRE?

If you failed the MPRE, you may assume you are the only one that failed the MPRE. Most students do not talk about failing the MPRE (and whether you passed or failed the MPRE–or even took a specific MPRE exam at all–is not public information). 

Thus, it is very easy to feel isolated and alone if you failed the MPRE. This is especially the case because there is a lot of talk about how “easy” the MPRE is. (Despite all of this talk, a lot of people who brag about how easy it is end up failing the MPRE! So don’t be discouraged if you hear others saying how easy the MPRE is!)

Further, we can assure you, you are not the only one who failed the MPRE!

The chart above (by the National Conference of Bar Examiners), shows the average scores that students received on the MPRE.

Most states require a score between a 75 and 85 to pass the MPRE. So if we assume that an “80” is passing, then:

  • 24.7% of examinees fell below that score in March 2017
  • 20.8% of examinees fell below that score in August 2017
  • 20.2% of examinees fell below that score in November 2017

So, if you scored below an 80, you are in the same boat as 1/5 of the other MPRE takers! If you need, say, an 85 to pass the MPRE in your jurisdiction, even more examinees failed the MPRE right along with you.

While this does nothing to turn your score into a “passing” score, we hope it helps you increase your confidence and decrease your sense of isolation as you continue studying for the MPRE. There is a widespread misperception that almost everybody passes the MPRE — and this is simply not the case!

What should you do if you failed the MPRE?

Check out this post on what to do if you fail the MPRE!

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