Looking for Baby Bar Help?

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Looking for Baby Bar help?

The Baby Bar (California First-Year Law Students’ Examination) requires examinees to complete four one-hour essays in the morning and 100 multiple-choice questions in the afternoon. Many students incorrectly assume that the exam does not require much preparation – this could not be further from the truth! Successful examinees must demonstrate a thorough understanding of Contracts, Criminal Law, and Torts akin to the California Bar Exam. In June 2015 only 16.9% of all takers passed the Baby Bar! Below we tell you how JD Advising can assist you with your preparation for the Baby Bar. 

We review your study plan.

Are you struggling with your study schedule? Or are you spending too much time on one subject? Are you doing enough practice multiple-choice questions and essays? One big mistake that students make is that they focus on their favorite subject and neglect their most dreaded subject. You want to make sure that you spend enough time reviewing each subject. However, this does not necessarily mean devoting the same number of hours to each subject. Let us assess your strengths and weaknesses and help you devise an efficient study plan.

We teach the substantive law.

Maybe it has been awhile since you took Contracts, Criminal Law and Torts. Or maybe the materials you are using or have used in the past did not help you to understand these areas of law. Maybe you are struggling to understand particular concepts (e.g., felony murder). We provide a comprehensive review of any or all of the subjects tested on the exam and tell you which areas are most highly tested. Also, we will provide you tips to memorize the law.

We read your essay answers and provide feedback.

Students often make the mistake of doing too few practice essays. It is important to practice both timed and untimed essays. Even if have you have memorized the law, you have to be comfortable applying the rules to a fact pattern. We will give you detailed feedback on formatting and structure. Additionally, we will let you know whether you spotted all of the issues, stated the rules correctly, and whether you properly incorporated the relevant facts into your analysis.

We teach you how to approach the multiple-choice questions.

Do you dread answering multiple-choice questions? Are you often guessing between two answer choices? Does it take you too much time to answer the questions? We will help you pinpoint your problem areas and give you tips to improve your approach to multiple-choice questions.

We teach you how to approach the essay questions.

Further, we will teach you the best way to tackle the essay, including issue spotting, organizing your answer, and managing your time. We will give you tips regarding which facts you should pay particular attention to. And we will show you the best way to review past student answers.

This blog post was written by Christine, our fantastic tutor, who has helped many students pass the baby bar as well as the California bar.

Do you tutor for the Baby Bar or offer Baby Bar help or assistance?

Yes. We offer tutoring services for the for the baby bar. Click here to read more about our baby bar tutoring services. Our tutors have helped students study for the baby bar. Our tutors have been successful in helping students both learn the law they need to know to pass the baby bar, and importantly, learn how to apply it to the types of fact patterns they will see on the baby bar exam (something that baby bar takers struggle with!).

If you are interested in baby bar help, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]com or 248-228-5547. We are happy to help you!