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Bar Exam Tutoring for First-Time Takers: Is it right for you?

Bar exam tutoring is important for first-time takers to consider in certain circumstances. Not all first-time takers need a bar exam tutor to pass the bar exam (in fact, many examinees do just fine without one!) But there are certain situations where a bar exam tutor is recommended for a first-time taker.

Bar Exam Tutoring for First-Time Takers: Factors to Consider: 

Consider the following factors. If any of them are applicable to you, you may strongly consider bar exam tutoring as a first-time bar exam taker:

You need one-on-one attention.

Some students simply do not do well with cookie-cutter courses. Bar exam courses are not tailored to you. They are tailored to the “majority.” Most standard courses do not provide a lot of individualized attention, feedback, or accountability.

So, if you find you perform significantly better when

  • you are able to ask questions,
  • you get regular feedback, or
  • you have someone to “answer to” and keep you accountable

you may consider bar exam tutoring.

We recently had a student who came to us after failing the bar exam with a very low score the first time. He was a smart student but did not do well following a commercial course schedule. He benefitted tremendously from having weekly meetings with a tutor. The tutor would explain the law to him, answer his questions, and require him to hand in essays. He passed the second bar exam he took with flying colors. He very likely would have passed the first time had he invested in tutoring earlier. He is an example of the tremendous benefits of bar exam tutoring for first-time takers.

You struggled in law school. 

If you struggled in law school, you may strongly consider getting a bar exam tutor. This is particularly true if you struggled your first year (subjects you learn your first year make up the bulk of what is tested on the bar exam).

Further, a bar exam tutor can help you quickly learn some of the skills that you may not have picked up in law school (such as how to memorize, how to use IRAC, etc.).

Thus, consider retaining a bar exam tutor if you found law school to be a major struggle.

You are very anxious.  

Some examinees are naturally extremely anxious. They “get in their own way” so to speak. And sometimes their anxiety prevents them from studying effectively. Not to mention, they sometimes find it hard to sleep, take breaks, or accurately gauge their progress (all of which can inhibit their progress further!).

If you are the type that gets very anxious, you may find that meeting regularly with a bar exam tutor makes a big difference.

A tutor can help make sure you are on track and ease anxiety. You may not know exactly how you are performing in comparison with how you need to be performing in order to pass. A tutor will be able to ensure you — and assure you — that you are on track.

It is a high-stakes exam.

In some ways, every bar exam feels like a high-stakes exam. Nobody wants to repeat the bar exam. But if your job absolutely depends on passing the bar exam the first time, it may be worth it to invest additional resources ahead of time. Investing in a tutor upfront will maximize your chances of passing the bar exam the first time. And it may be a relatively small amount in comparison with what you risk if you do not pass.

Want to learn more about bar exam tutoring as a first-time taker?  

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