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student-849828_640Where can I find Past Multistate Essay Exam questions?

To find past multistate essay exam questions, it is best to go to the source – the National Conference of Bar Examiner’s website. The National Conference of Bar Examiners (the “NCBE”) is the organization that drafts the multistate essay exam questions and promulgates answers. (However states are free to use their own answers to grade the multistate essay exams.)

Can I find past MEE questions and analyses anywhere else?

One great option to buy them here in our online MEE store.  We have them broken down by subject if you are only looking for a particular subject. They are also less expensive if you are only looking for a particular subject. Or you can buy a full set of MEE books.

We also have the option to purchase them electronically or purchase hard copies. We ship highly quality copies via priority mail so you will receive them shortly after ordering.

The NCBE has questions from 2006 – 2010 available for a free download here.  You can purchase exams from 2011 to the present by clicking here. They are $15.00 to download and $20.00 for hard copies. The NCBE sells them by year. We sell them by subject and in sets.

For a few other free sources for past MEE questions, please see this post. We tell you sources where you can find past questions online. For example, Arkansas has past MEE questions and best student answers available here. They go back to 2012 and have exams through the present date.

Why should I look at past multistate essay exam (MEE) questions? 

It is worth it to look at past multistate essay exam questions for several reasons:

  • First, it gives you exposure to highly-tested topics. You will find that the NCBE does not completely reinvent the wheel with every multistate essay exam that it rights. Rather, it retests topics that have been tested in the past. Not everything will be something that has been tested before, but much of it will. The more exams you review, the more exposure to highly-tested material you will have.
  • Second, looking at past multistate essay exam questions and answers gives you practice structuring and formatting your essay answers. The more you practice, the more you will get used to structuring and formatting your essay answers.
  • Lastly, looking at the answers helps you think like a grader. You will see that when you review the sample answers given by the NCBE, that the answers are organized by issue and to-the-point. Reviewing several past exams (along with their sample answers) can help you think like a grader and get into the mindset of a grader.

What Essay Subjects are the Most Important to Know?

To see the most highly-tested essay subjects on the multistate essay exam, click here. To see the most highly tested essay subjects on the uniform bar exam, click here.

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