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Changes to the MPRE Administration in 2020 — No more Saturday MPRE dates!

The MPRE is changing … at least in how it is administered! Below, we discuss a few changes to MPRE administration in 2020.

1. First, everyone will take the MPRE on a computer-based online platform. 

This year, the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) has steadily increased the number of examinees taking the exam online. By 2020, every examinee will take the exam on an online computer-based platform (unless accommodations are granted). So, expect to take the MPRE on a computer!

2. In 2020, the MPRE will no longer be administered on Saturdays!

Now, the MPRE is given on Saturdays exclusively (with the exception of those who have religious beliefs that preclude them from taking the MPRE on Saturday). As you can see below, the MPRE will now be given on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays!  Ther are also two potential MPRE test dates in any given cycle. (For example, you can choose Thursday or Friday for the March MPRE.) You can see this chart, from the NCBE, below.

2020 MPRE test dates, 2020 MPRE changes

Note: if you are like many students, you may have Fridays off of class and may want to take the MPRE on a Friday. The MPRE is offered on a Friday only for the March administration. So if you prefer to take the MPRE on a Friday, mark it in your calendar to register early. Registration opens Monday, December 16, 2019.

3. The MPRE will be administered at Pearson Vue testing centers. 

Thus, examinees may have to travel to different locations to take the MPRE. Find the closest Pearson Vue testing center here.

4. The Fall MPRE is moved to October! 

Instead of administering the MPRE in November, it appears that the fall MPRE will now be administered in late October.

5. The MPRE registration fee has increased (again). 

The MPRE registration fee is now $135 ($10 more than it is for 2019 examinees). We also expect the late fee to increase, though this is not posted yet.

These are the basic changes coming to the MPRE in 2020! Good luck studying!

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