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JD Advising Outline Sample

Outlines are a very important part of bar exam prep.  Your outlines are what you fill out during lecture and what you review and memorize! They are essentially the foundation of your preparation. Therefore, it is critical to have organized, streamlined, outlines that tell you exactly what you need to know — and don’t need to know — when you study for the bar exam. We believe that since our students rely on us to pass the bar exam, it is our job to provide our students with the best possible outlines available. So we have corrected all of the problems we have seen with traditional outlines to make your job — studying for the bar exam — as easy as possible.

Here, we tell you how our outlines differ from others and we provide you with a sample of our outlines.

JD Advising outlines, best UBE course, best UBE outlinesHow our outlines differ from traditional outlines: 

  • We give you one outline per subject. We do not give you a small, medium, and big outline. You will have one thing to learn!
  • We pride ourselves on our outline organization. We tutor students for the bar exam and we know the most logical and intuitive way to organize concepts.
  • Our outlines are in a highly readable font (we did a test study on the best font!), colorful, and on standard paper! They are compact — not too long and not too short. They are heavily focused on what you need to know.
  • Our outlines tell you what is highly tested — and what isn’t — so you know exactly what to focus on. You should not feel overwhelmed when you have a set of our outlines!

Below, we give you some visuals of our outlines, so you can see exactly what sets JD Advising outlines apart from the rest.

JD Advising Outline Sample

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You can also see our Evidence sample outline here. This is a short sample of our Uniform Bar Exam Evidence outline. In the sample outline, you will see the quality of what we give to our students.

Note: we do not sell our outlines separately from our courses and tutoring!

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