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Different Ways A Law School Tutor Can Help You Succeed

Let’s face it – Students in law school generally need all of the help they can get. From outlines to supplements, to lectures in 2x speed, students like to think they take advantage of all available resources. Despite this, many law students often overlook the idea of hiring a legal tutor to help them succeed. Although law students are generally strapped for cash, the benefits of a tutor are often worth the financial costs. Tutors are available to give students the detailed and individualized attention that many other resources may not be able to. Students can tailor questions specifically to their needs and can get more attention in subjects they find tough. No need for standing in line at office hours or enduring entire Q and A sessions. So, before you think you’ve exhausted all of your options for achieving success in law school, don’t overlook the tutor. Let’s take a look at some more ways that a law school tutor can help you succeed.

Different Ways A Law School Tutor Can Help You Succeed

A Tutor’s Experience

A law school tutor will likely have experience in one-on-one teaching and may even be a practicing attorney. That means they not only understand the subject material but can also explain it masterfully. Professors in law school need to explain material in a manner they think will work for everyone.

The problem is that the professor’s method of explaining something might not work for you specifically. That’s where a tutor comes in! Students can ask tutors to explain certain aspects of subject material that might not be practical in a classroom setting. An experienced tutor can break down subjects easily and explain them in a way that works for each individualized student. An experienced tutor will likely have custom supplements to help you avoid using the same study material as everyone else!

A Competitive Edge

Law school grades are incredibly important in determining class rank and securing career opportunities. Specifically, as we have written before, 1L grades play an important role in a student’s law school career. So, getting a law school tutor to help maximize your academic success can have benefits beyond the classroom. With things like on-campus interviews, legal journals, and clerkships up for grabs, a law school tutor makes sense.

Convenience Factor

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, a law school tutor also offers the benefit of convenience. While other students are emailing professors and standing in line at office hours, you can instantly connect with a tutor. Having a tutor will allow you to avoid using your cousin’s best friend’s outline who also went to law school. Instant access to a tutor’s knowledge, especially during finals season, is invaluable.

You can determine how frequently you need tutoring, the duration of tutoring, and what concepts to focus on. An added benefit of a law school tutor is instant feedback on work product. While professors may have you submit draft essays for feedback, that means other students will be submitting work. As a result, the turnaround from a professor is long. A law tutor can get work back to you FAST, which gives you more time to learn and improve.

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