last minute tips for the mpt, Passing MBE ScoreDo I Need an MPRE tutor?

You may wonder if you need an MPRE tutor. Maybe you have taken the MPRE before and failed. Or maybe you have your license on the line. Or maybe you have never taken the MPRE and are just wondering if an MPRE is right for you. In this post, we tell you if you should consider investing in an MPRE tutor. 

Do I need an MPRE tutor?

We strongly recommend that you hire an MPRE tutor if:

  • you will not be permitted to take the bar exam until you pass the MPRE
  • you have already passed the bar exam and the MPRE is your last hurdle to licensure
  • you are being disciplined by your state bar authority and you are required to take the MPRE as part of the process (it looks much better if you pass the MPRE the first itme you take it, not to mention that if you don’t pass it, you may delay regaining your ability to practice law)
  • you have taken the MPRE multiple times and have not passed
  • you do not have a long time to study and you need to study efficiently
  • you are making a great sacrifice to take the MPRE (perhaps you live out of the country and you have to fly back for the MPRE)
  • you struggle a lot with standardized tests and need test-taking strategies
  • you have test anxiety and failing the MPRE would deeply diminish your confidence for other standardized tests you have to take (e.g., the bar exam)
  • you want to make sure you do everything you can to pass the MPRE

You will also benefit from an MPRE tutor if:

  • you did not take Professional Responsibility (or your equivalent Ethics class) in law school
  • you are studying for the MPRE at the last minute
  • you struggle a lot with the material tested on the MPRE
  • you learn better from a one-on-one instructor than a commercial course

We have helped MPRE students pass the MPRE across the country!  An MPRE tutor can help you in many ways.

We strive to do all of the following for our MPRE students:

  • We teach the substantive law in a way that makes sense so that you understand it
  • We teach strategies to answer MPRE questions (these strategies will help you on the MPRE and the bar exam)
  • We answer any questions you have about the material
  • We give you an organized outline so that you have excellent material to work with
  • We help you come up with a study plan
  • We can quiz you to make sure you know the rules
  • We can help you with any personal testing issues you may have (timing, anxiety, etc.)
  • We help you study in the most efficient way possible for the MPRE
  • We have flexible in-person and online options
  • We meet some students for just one MPRE session, and others for several — we can tailor or plan to what you need!
    • Looking to Pass the MPRE?

      We offer the following services:

      • A free MPRE Course that comes with expert instruction, a free outline, free practice questions, and free one-sheet! This course is rated 5/5 stars by our students!
      • Real MPRE questions, which are the best way to ensure you are prepared for the questions on test day!
      • MPRE private tutoring to help you learn everything you need to pass the MPRE, including an MPRE outline and an MPRE study plan tailored to your individualized needs.
      • A variety of excellent and free MPRE resources to help you conquer the MPRE.

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