Long Are Bar Prep Courses

Exactly How Long Are Bar Prep Courses?

Preparing to take the bar exam can feel overwhelming. You have a large amount of material to learn in a limited amount of time. As you create your study plan, it’s important to think about how long you will need to study. Most bar prep courses are around two months long, but you may want to spend more or less time studying depending on personal considerations.

Exactly How Long Are Bar Prep Courses?

How Can I Maximize My Bar Prep Time?

If at all possible, your goal should be to minimize distractions while studying for the bar exam. For example, if your housemates are occasionally disruptive, you might plan to sublease a one-bedroom apartment or rent temporary office space for a distraction-free study zone. If you’re working while preparing for the bar, you might try to arrange your schedule so you have no major projects during your study period. Relatedly, see if you have a distracting home life, perhaps you could study at the office on nights and weekends.

What If I Have To Work While Studying For The Bar Exam?

While some law graduates may be able to study for the bar full time, others will need to juggle work and other responsibilities. If you know that you’ll have other significant obligations during your bar prep, plan to spend longer than two months studying for the test. For a good part-time bar prep schedule, three or four months should do the trick.

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How Can I Use My Bar Prep Course To Create A Daily Schedule?

Once you know how long your bar prep course will last, it’s time to create your personal study schedule. Work backward from the day you’ll take the exam to create your plan. The week or two prior to the exam will be spent on review. During the other 7-8 weeks, you’ll be listening to lectures, memorizing your outlines, and completing practice problems. Learn more here about how to create your bar exam study schedule.

Can I Take A Break During Bar Prep?

Once you begin your bar prep course, you’re in it for the long haul. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take breaks! Spending time with friends and family, getting exercise, and preparing healthy meals are great ways to protect your mental health and feel refreshed once you begin studying again. Here are all the benefits of actually taking a study break!

The amount of time you’ll need to spend studying for the bar will depend on personal considerations. No matter how long you’ll spend on your bar prep course, make sure that you’re using your time effectively to get the results you want.


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    We advise you to check with the New York State Board of Law Examiners to verify that you’ve met all the requirements to apply to sit for the bar exam. Once you know you’re eligible to sit for it, we’re happy to help with bar exam studying and prep. Since they are the authority on this matter, you should check with them directly.


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    I am a graduate of law from Philippines (under bar) and now resides in NYC. Can you advise me what to do to (the best route to take) be able to take the Bar exam here in the US? Thank you

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