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Failed the bar exam by five points (or less)? Act like you need 30.

If you failed the bar exam by five points or less, that is very frustrating — but also encouraging.

It is encouraging because:

  • you probably have the fundamental legal principles down (and maybe need to brush up on the nuances)
  • you probably have a decent essay and MBE approach
  • you have at least one bar exam under your belt so you know what to expect
  • you are not starting over — you will still have that foundation when you start studying for the next bar exam

However, please do not get overly confident even if you failed the bar exam by five points or less! Why not? Because you risk failing again. I just got off the phone with someone who has taken the bar exam nine times — and the last six times has been within five points of passing. I wish that was a rare example but it is not! We have talked to plenty of others who keep retaking the bar exam and not changing their approach significantly because they were “close”.

This is why we recommend you change your approach significantly. Get a tutor. Make sure to make memorization a priority. Get released MBE questions. Practice essays and MPTs if you ignored them last time. Do not just hope to skate by. Instead, pretend you need 30 points. Study like you need an additional 30 points. And then even if you “fall short” of 30 points, you will still likely pass the bar exam!

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