February 2018 LSAT Logic Games Predictions

February 2018 LSAT Logic Games Predictions

February 2018 LSAT Logic Games Predictions

It’s less than a week before the February 2018 LSAT! Most students are most likely fine tuning their approach this week. However, any outside help is usually appreciate. We have you covered! In this post, we reveal our February 2018 LSAT Logic Games predictions!

February 2018 LSAT Logic Games Predictions

Disclaimer: We develop our February 2018 LSAT Logic Games predictions  by analyzing previous games types from past PrepTests. We have no inside information. So, be prepared for every game type that could appear!

1. Linear/sequencing game

This is the easiest of our February 2018 LSAT Logic Games predictions. LSAC always includes at least one linear/sequencing game on the LSAT. For PrepTest 83, they actually included two, one of which was fairly straightforward (the concert ordering problem) and one was slightly disguised to make it seem more confusing (office tower problem). I think it is highly unlikely they would use two linear games again for the upcoming LSAT. So I think there will be just one of these games.

2. 2 Grouping Games

December 2017’s LSAT brought back an older version of grouping games that is much less common (railway system game). In this type of grouping game, the rules all work with sufficient and necessary clauses. If you aren’t comfortable working with these theories, you might really struggle with this game! I don’t think LSAC included this by accident. This type of grouping game was very popular at one point. The bound PreptTest Volumes IV and V have many examples. So, I think this type of grouping game is likely for the February 20128 LSAT.

I think another version of grouping game will also appear, possibly in the form of a distribution game. A distribution grouping game gives you the groups where you need to place your variables. This type of grouping game is much more common on more recent LSATs, so I wouldn’t be surprised if one appeared in February.

3. Advanced Linear

The last of our February 2018 LSAT Logic Games was a toss up between a hybrid game (which combines elements of both linear and grouping games) and an advanced linear game. PrepTest 83 had a hybrid game (travel agent games). An Advanced linear game did not appear on PrepTest 83. This is a very popular game type. LSAC traditionally doesn’t let any single game sit out for too many administrations. Therefore, I think an advanced linear game will appear on the upcoming LSAT.

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