February 2018 UBE Predictions

February 2018 UBE Predictions

February 2018 UBE Predictions
Predictions for the Uniform Bar Exam

Are you wondering what is going to be on the February 2018 Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)? Us too! We have created our own February 2018 UBE predictions. These are the essay subjects and MPT subjects that we think are coming up, primarily based on past essay and MPT questions.

While we are not always correct in our predictions, we are usually pretty close! See our July 2017 MEE predictions here to see how we accurately guessed basically every subject tested!

We think that you may see the following on the February 2018 Uniform Bar Exam. Update: We are posting updates on our predictions in green font. Note we have not changed our predictions post-bar exam. We are merely commenting on what we got right (and where we fell short!)  5 of the 6 subjects that appeared on the bar exams were covered by these predictions!

February 2018 UBE Predictions for the
Multistate Essay Exam

1. Agency/Partnership

Agency/Partnership has generally been tested on every other exam. It was not tested in July 2017 so it possible that it will appear on the exam in February. You could see a pure agency question, pure partnership question, or a crossover between the two subjects. Update: Agency & Partnership was tested!

2. Civil Procedure

Civil Procedure is the most highly tested subject on the essay portion of the exam! Therefore, we think it is coming up! The Examiners did not test Civil Procedure in February 2017, but they did test it in July 2017. When Civil Procedure has been tested, it is usually tested consistently for at least several administrations. Update: Civil Procedure was tested!

3. Contracts

Contracts is a commonly tested subject. The Examiners generally like to test this subject every other administration. Because it was not tested this July, we think it could appear on the February 2018 exam. Update: Contracts was tested!

4. Corporations and LLCs

Corporations is also commonly tested on the essays. You might be wondering why we put both agency/partnership and corporations on this list. On several exams, the Examiners have tested both subjects (most recently in February 2017). So we wouldn’t be surprised to see it on the exam. Update: Corporations and LLCs was not tested! (Our “wildcard” subject was tested in its place! See below.)

5. Criminal Law and Procedure

While Criminal Procedure was tested on the last exam, it was combined with Evidence. A pure Criminal Law question has not appeared on the exam since July 2015, so it is ripe for testing. While this is not a popular subject, we think the Examiners will test a less popular subject in February. Update: Criminal Law was tested!

6. Decedents’ Estates (possibly combined with Conflict of Laws or Trusts)

The Examiners generally like to alternate between testing Decedents’ Estates and Trusts. In February 2017, Trusts appeared on the exam. On the last exam, students saw a Decedents’ Estates essay combined with Trusts. Thus, we think it’s likely that Decedents’ Estates could be tested again. It could be tested on its own. However, we would not be surprised if the Examiners throw in a trusts issue or a conflict of laws issue.

While Conflict of Laws is not a highly tested subject, when it is tested it appears on consecutive exams. It was tested in the Family Law context in February 2017 and in the Civil Procedure context in July 2017. If it were to show up in February, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in a Decedents’ Estates essay. Update: Decedents’ Estates was not tested. Real Property was tested instead! (We noted below we were wondering if Real Property coming up though we did not include it in our formal predictions!)

Wild Card: Family Law

Our February 2018 UBE predictions wild card is Family Law. While Family Law is a less popular essay subject these days, the Examiners still like to test this subject every one or two administrations. Therefore, we wouldn’t be shocked if it were to show up on the exam in February. During the last several February exams, the essays have been more MEE-subject heavy. If the Examiners decide to tip the scales in favor of MEE subjects, Family Law is a likely candidate. Update: Family law was tested!

In determining our wild card subject, we were debating between Real Property and Family Law. However, because the Examiners tested in Real Property in February 2017 and ended up considering the July 2016 Secured Transactions question a “Secured Transactions/Real Property” question, we did not include it on our list. Update: Real Property was tested!

If you want to make your own predictions, please see our MEE frequency chart here!

February 2018 Multistate Performance Test (MPT) predictions:

If you are wondering what tasks you may encounter on the MPT this February, here are our thoughts.

1. Persuasive Brief

The objective memo and persuasive brief account for at least 70% of all tasks tested during the last ten years.  For the July 2017 administration, both were tested. We think it is highly likely that examinees will be asked to complete one of these tasks. And our best guess is that examinees will be asked to write a persuasive brief in February. Thus, it is officially one of our February 2018 UBE predictions for the MPT.

If you are unsure of how to format a brief, take a look at our post on how to format a persuasive brief on the MPT here. Update: This was tested!

2. Opinion Letter

After the persuasive brief and the objective memo, the next most commonly tested tasks are opinion letters and demand letters. It has been two years since the NCBE asked students to write an opinion letter, so it is possible that it may show up on the exam this February. Opinion letters are generally written to clients and provide an objective view of the possible courses of action available to them. If you are feeling uneasy about this task, check out our post on how to draft an opinion letter here. Update: The NCBE tested an objective memo instead of an opinion letter!

Note: We want to emphasize that you should not solely rely on our February 2018 UBE predictions! You should still study all of the subjects and focus on the most highly tested topics within each subject. We are simply letting you know what we think could be coming up on the February 2018 UBE.

Christine, one of our bar exam tutors, wrote this post. She has passed three bar exams, including California, New York, and New Jersey. Christine scored in the 95 percentile on the MBE, and specializes in helping students raise their uniform bar exam scores!

Want to know our February 2018 UBE predictions for topics?

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