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Alternatives to the bar exam proposed

February 2022 Bar Exam In-Person Only

The National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE) announced that it plans to only offer in-person testing materials for the February 2022 exam. This announcement comes before states adminster the July 2021 exam. According to the NCBE, 29 states are giving the July 2021 exam remotely, and 24 are giving it in person. But, this will change for the February 2022 exam when all (or at least most) states will offer an in-person exam, according to the NCBE.

February 2022 Bar Exam In-Person Only

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the bar exam was taken by all examinees in-person.

Thus, the coronavirus was the reason a remote exam was allowed. The February 2021 exam was administered remotely in most states, and NCBE announced a remote option for July 2021 takers.

However, the NCBE said in its announcement: ” ‘[R]emote exams create challenges for exam security and uniformity, and for this reason, we have consistently advocated for in-person testing as the best option whenever possible.’ ”

Even so, the NCBE mentions that any public health crisis may affect this decision, but the NCBE will find a way for examinees to take the bar.

Some examinees may be happy with this option while others may not. An in-person exam should eliminate any technical issues with the remote option, but it will also eliminate the built-in breaks in the exam and the comforts of being able to test at home.

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