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Five critical UBE tips for first-time takers that your commercial course may NOT tell you! 

Here, we are going to summarize five critical UBE tips for first-time takers that not all commercial courses emphasize. We aim to keep this concise and to the point — we know you are busy studying for the bar exam.

Five critical UBE tips for first-time takers that your commercial course may NOT tell you! 

1. You don’t need to learn every single area of every single law. 

One of the most common pieces of advice that bar exam takers ask us is how to manage their time studying for the bar exam. The best way is to not try to learn everything about everything. You don’t need to know everything to pass the Uniform Bar Exam. Instead, focus on the highly tested areas of law. Check out our MEE guide or MEE one-sheets here.

2. Practice MPTs please! Probably much more than your course assigns.  

Some courses only assign a few MPTs. Remember that the MPT is worth 20% of your score – the same as 70 MBE questions! If you make studying for the MPT a priority, you will earn a lot of points! You will truly set yourself apart from the crowd.

Many first time takers struggle with time management on the MPT and they don’t realize this until they take the bar exam. It is too late then. Practice MPTs early and often.

3. Use real MBE questions. 

Many commercial courses invent their own MBE questions. These are not necessarily bad questions but to maximize your practice time, we recommend using real MBE questions as well.

4. Take timed exams regularly. 

This is especially important if you struggled with timing in law school. We recommend you take timed exams on a regular basis. Start with one hour (2 MEE questions, 33 MBE questions) then build your way up until you can complete three-hour sections. This is especially important for the MPT portion.

5. Memorize the law early on. 

Many commercial courses do not emphasize the importance of memorization. Memorize the rules of law beginning in week one of bar prep. If you know the law, it will be much easier to apply it to bar exam fact patterns. Do not push this off until the end of bar prep or you will find yourself overwhelmed.

We hope you find these UBE tips for first-time takers to be helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or post below!

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