last minute MPRE tips

Five Helpful Last Minute MPRE Tips

If you are preparing to take the MPRE, you may be looking for some last-minute tips.  In this post, we give you last-minute tips for preparing for the MPRE!

Five Helpful Last Minute MPRE Tips

Review a good outline.

Many students think that they do not have to prepare for the MPRE because it just tests “common sense.”  On the contrary, the MPRE tests many nuances and subtleties of the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct.  It is important to review the substantive law prior to the day of the test.

JD Advising offers a free MPRE outline that is superior to many other options.  It succinctly and comprehensively summarizes the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct that will be tested on the MPRE.  More importantly, it covers the highly tested material in a way that is organized and easy to memorize, allowing you to maximize your time prior to the MPRE.

JD Advising also offers a FREE MPRE course (that includes a copy of the outstanding MPRE outline!)  You can register for the MPRE course here!

If you are looking for a last minute review of the highly tested areas of law in just one page — front and back — check out our MPRE one-sheet here. It is a great review of the most highly tested areas of law, especially if you have already reviewed an outline.

Look at real released questions!

Not all companies that offer MPRE test-preparation services use real questions.  It is incredibly important to look at some real released questions from the NCBE prior to the day of the test so that you know what to expect when you take the exam!

You can find 15 actual released questions that the NCBE has made available for free here.

Looking for additional real MPRE questions?  JD Advising has additional questions that are available to purchase here. (You can also purchase these on the NCBE website, but JD Advising’s is cheaper!)

Be prepared to take the test under timed conditions!

The MPRE is a 2-hour exam that consists of 60 questions.  That equates to approximately 2 minutes per question if you are taking the test under normal timed conditions.  If you have accommodations, the amount of time you have per question will vary depending on your exact accommodations.

It is important to have a good idea of what 2 minutes “feels” like so that, on the day of the exam, you are able to move through the questions at an appropriate pace.  Try doing some practice questions under timed conditions.  This does not mean that you have to sit down and complete an entire 60-question practice exam.  However, try doing a small group of questions to get a sense of what the timing will feel like (for instance, try 5 questions in 10 minutes or 10 questions in 20 minutes).

Know what you need to pass.

The MPRE is scored on a scale from 50 to 150.  Each jurisdiction sets the minimum score that the jurisdiction requires to “pass” the MPRE.  The passing scores range from 75 to 86.  Be familiar with what a passing score is in your jurisdiction as well as approximately how many questions you need to get correct to pass.

Also, be aware that not every topic within the ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct is tested equally.  When you only have a short amount of time, spend more time reviewing the highly tested material.  Wondering what the highly tested topics are?  JD Advising’s MPRE One Sheet covers the most highly tested material and is available to download for free!

Get a good night’s sleep!

The MPRE is not an exam that you can “cram” for by pulling an all-nighter the night before the exam.  You will be exhausted and likely unable to focus, unable to retain the information you stayed up all night reviewing, and unable to comprehend the often convoluted and tricky questions you will likely see on the MPRE!  Be sure to go to bed early, try to get some sleep, and eat a healthy breakfast in the morning before the test!

Looking for a five-star MPRE course? Check out our free MPRE course! It comes with a free outline, free practice questions, and free instruction! You can enroll here!

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