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FREE 1L Prep Course by JD Advising

If you are looking for a free 1L prep course taught by law school experts, look no further than JD Advising’s free 1L prep course.

Our free course is “on demand” — meaning you can sit through the course on your own time, whenever and wherever you want! We offer a skills-based approach so that you know how to take notes, read cases, outline, and take exams. (We also offer you the opportunity to do each one of these things throughout the course!) Lastly, we give you an overview of the substantive law. So by the time you get to any of your first-year classes, you will have been “primed” on the material because you would have heard an overview of it already!

You will feel confident going into your first day of law school!

A few bonuses: 

  • You can complete this course in a week both when and where you want.
  • It is completely FREE!
  • You will feel confident going into law school.
  • You will become familiar with law school and legal vocabulary.
  • You will know what you need to do to succeed!

Learn what you need to know!

Our free law school prep course teaches all of the following:

  • how to outline in law school
  • how to prepare for class efficiently
  • how to take exams
  • legal vocabulary
  • legal research and writing
  • an overview of each of the 1L substantive law classes

We are very excited to offer this excellent law school prep course on-demand so that you can take it when you want and where you want!

Sign up now!

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