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Free Master The Highly Tested MEE Topics Webinar

Are you looking to improve your MEE score? In this free webinar, we give you tips on how to write high scoring essay answers and how to study most efficiently for the exam by reviewing the highly tested topics!

Free Master The Highly Tested MEE Topics Webinar

If you are taking the MEE in September or October and are in need of a score boost, be sure to reserve your spot in our webinar. This free live webinar is held on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 from 2:00 PM EDT – 2:50 EDT.

You can register for our free webinar here!

Our webinar is led by our lead course instructor and tutor, Meagan Jabbori.

We will cover the following in the webinar:

  • Tips for writing bar exam essays
  • Our MEE frequency chart
  • An overview of the highly tested areas of law on the MEE

To register for our free webinar on mastering the MEE highly tested topics, click here!

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