Free MPRE Study Schedule to Maximize Your Chances of Passing the MPRE

mpre study scheduleFree MPRE Study Schedule to Maximize Your Chances of Passing the MPRE

The MPRE is broken down into several sections. Each MPRE topic is allocated a certain amount of weight. You can see the MPRE topics and the percentage that each one is worth below. The MPRE schedule that we made is divided into five parts. You will cover roughly 25% of the potentially covered material in the first four parts. The last part of your MPRE study schedule consists of taking a practice exam composed of released questions and continuing memorization. Some students try to use this MPRE study schedule over the course of five days. Others use it over the course of five weeks.  Many fall somewhere in between (e.g. they will cover each “part” in three days and be done in 15 days). We recommend spending more, rather than less time if you want to pass the MPRE!

Free MPRE Study Schedule to Maximize Your Chances of Passing the MPRE

MPRE Study Schedule Part 1:

  • Regulation of the Legal Profession (6-12%)
  • The Lawyer-Client Relations (10-16%)
  • Client Confidentiality (6-12%)
  • Practice Tip: Read over our guide on key words and phrases on MPRE questions. This will help you answer more MPRE questions correctly right off the bat!
  • Practice Tip: Start answering a few MPRE questions. (Here are some sources for free questions. They are not great but they are better than nothing.
  • Practice Tip: Check out our free MPRE CHEAT SHEET here. This will give you an overview of the MPRE!

MPRE Study Schedule Part 2:

  • Conflicts of Interest (12-18%)
  • Competence, Legal Malpractice, and other Civil Liability (6-12%)
  • Practice Tip: Continue answering MPRE questions.
  • Practice Tip: Read our five tips on how to pass the MPRE.

MPRE Study Schedule Part 3:

  • Litigation and Other Forms of Advocacy (10-16%)
  • Transactions and Communications with Other Persons (2-8%)
  • Different Roles of a Lawyer (2-8%)
  • Practice Tip: Complete the 15 free MPRE questions on the NCBE website. Do these slowly and dissect them!

MPRE Study Schedule Part 4:

  • Safekeeping funds and other property (2-8%)
  • Communications about Legal Services (4-10%)
  • Lawyer’s Duties to the Public and Legal System (2-8%)
  • Judicial Conduct (2-8%)
  • Practice Tip: Complete MPRE practice exam #1 from the NCBE website. Aim for at least a 64%!

MPRE Study Schedule Part 5:

  • Practice Tip: Complete MPRE practice exam #2 from the NCBE website. Aim for a least a 64%!
  • Practice Tip: Continue memorizing the law and answering questions as needed.

We hope this MPRE study schedule gives you an organized and efficient approach to the MPRE!

Looking for MPRE tutoring?

We offer MPRE tutoring if you are interested in working one-on-one with a tutor who can help you with multiple-choice strategies as well as substantive law. We meet some students for just one session to cover MPRE strategies. Other students we meet multiple times (between two and five times). We offer tutoring online and in person.

Further, we offer group tutoring rates (if you choose to get tutored with a friend). We have a 100% passage rate for our students who have met us for MPRE private tutoring.

MPRE resources

If you are looking for free resources, you are in luck! For more MPRE tips and tricks, we highly recommend that you review all of our MPRE posts by clicking here. Some popular ones are:

  • MPRE Cheat Sheet: Here is a lovely, condensed and efficient MPRE cheat-sheet that you can follow along as you memorize the rules!
  • How many questions you should be answering correctly when you practice? (It may surprise you to know that it is almost the same number of questions that you need to be answering correctly to pass no matter what a “passing score” is in your jurisdiction!)
  • MPRE Free questions! Here is a list of free sources for MPRE questions. Even if you are taking an MPRE course, it does not hurt to try a variety of questions. This includes released MPRE questions!
  • MPRE Tip: Become familiar with Key Words and Phrases on the MPRE: This post gives you an overview of how you can avoid making mistakes by paying careful attention to the call of the question. If you are taking the MPRE this weekend, it is a good last-minute read to make sure you don’t fall into a trap!
  • Five Last-Minute tips to Pass the MPRE: These are some last-minute tips and tricks that help students pass the MPRE. They are good things to keep in mind on the exam day!
  • How to Pass the MPRE: If you are in law school wondering how to conquer this thing the first time you take it, read our advice here.

Good luck studying for the MPRE!

Ashley-E-HeidemannpictureMs. Ashley Heidemann graduated as the number 1 law student out of over 200 students in her class of 2011 at Wayne State University. She, along with a team of tutors, tutors for the MPRE,  tutors law students and tutors for the bar exam. She also offers a Law School Preparatory Course for students interested in learning the skills necessary to achieve a high GPA in law school.