Uniform Bar Exam Resources

Free Uniform Bar Exam Resources For Last Minute Studying

Need some help to getting your MBE, MEE, or MPT score to a higher level, but don’t want to spend a lot of money? In this post, we cover several of our free Uniform Bar Exam resources. Read further to see what we offer!

Free Uniform Bar Exam Resources For Last Minute Studying

1. MEE Guide

Our MEE Guide is the perfect way to study for the Multistate Essay Exam. It includes an effective approach to structuring your MEE answers, tips on how to study, and where to spend your time in terms of subjects and topics. Students love this resource. It is a quick read and is full of invaluable tips. You can find it for free here.

2. MEE Highly Tested Guide

Want all the highly tested MEE topics in one place? Look no further than our Highly tested MEE Topics Guide. This guide tells you how often each subject is tested, an overview of some the highly tested MEE topics in those subjects, and where you can find free practice essays for your studying! With just a few weeks left before the bar exam, you cannot learn everything! But the good news is, you do not need to know everything — you just need to know what will be on your exam! And this MEE guide covers what you are most likely to see!

3. MBE Guide

Struggling with the multiple-choice portion of the MBE? Our free MBE Guide has you covered! This guide includes strategies and tactics for approaching each MBE subject, all developed by JD Advising and trusted by thousands of bar exam students. We tell you what to focus on, what not to focus on, and tips for boosting your score.

4. MPT One-sheet

The MPT is the most overlooked part of the Uniform Bar Exam. Our MPT One-sheet was developed as an efficient way to develop and tailor your own approach to the exam. It includes convenient formatting tips for each common MPT, all on one convenient page. We also have an overview of MPT attack formats for each type of MPT you could encounter on test day! These are great last-minute resources, especially if you have been putting off the MPT.

5. JD Advising YouTube Channel

If you need a little break from staring at your own notes and outlines, visit our YouTube videos! We have an MBE playlist, a How To Pass The MEE video, among others. Check out our free resources page to see an entire list.

6. MBE Memorization Quiz

Are you sick of staring at the same outlines over and over again? Feeling burnt out? Want a new way to review the material tested? Our MBE Memorization Quiz is a great free tool that can provide you with a different way of reviewing the material. As a bonus, it can help you identify your weaknesses so you can adjust your review accordingly.

7. …And much more

For a full overview of our free Uniform Bar Exam free resources, check out the free resources page on our website!

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