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How to Improve your MBE Score (in less than 30 days!)

Are you looking to improve your MBE score? In this free webinar, we tell you how to improve your MBE score in less than thirty days!

Many students find themselves struggling to improve their MBE scores and get frustrated after completing so many practice questions and not seeing their score budge. If this sounds like you, reserve your spot for our free webinar. This free live webinar is held on Wednesday, January 29, 2020 from 2:00 PM EST – 2:45 EST.

You can enroll in our free webinar here!

Our webinar is designed by our JD Advising founder who scored a 180 on the MBE. It is lead by Meagan Jabbori.

improve mbe score webinar jd advisingWe will cover the following in the webinar:

  • a methodical method to use to improve your MBE score
  • common mistakes students make when trying to improve their MBE scores (and how to avoid them)
  • what you can do right now to see your MBE score improve
  • resources that are worth investing in the last month of bar prep

To register for our free webinar on how to improve your MBE score, click here!

  • Looking for MBE Help?

    We offer the following MBE products and services:

    • An MBE course, which comes with several MBE sessions, all 7 MBE outlines, our MBE diagnostic, MBE guide, and MBE one-sheets!
    • MBE private tutoring for those seeking one-on-one help to pass the MBE.
    • Real MBE questions! We offer the latest NCBE-released questions!
    • Our MBE favorites series, which dissects the “favorite” issues the MBE tests. You have instant access to them online!
    • An MBE Seminar for those looking for strategies to improve their MBE score.
    • An MBE guide, which has a guaranteed 7-point score increase.
    • An MBE diagnostic for those who are having trouble determining why their scores are not increasing.

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