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free michigan bar exam webinar

FREE Webinar on How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam in July 2020

In light of the recent changes to the Michigan bar exam, we are hosting a free webinar on how to pass the Michigan Bar Exam in July 2020.

Since the Michigan bar exam is only going to be one day and online, you need to set yourself apart if you want to pass!  In this webinar, we will go over tips on how to set yourself apart!

This seminar is led by Ashley Heidemann, who is the founder of JD Advising. She scored a 184 on the essay portion of the Michigan bar exam. She has read thousands of Michigan bar exam essays and can tell you exactly what graders like to see — and what they don’t like to see!


Details on our webinar: 

  • Date: Tuesday, June 2, 2020
  • Time: 1:00 PM EDT
  • Duration: 45 Minutes

What will be covered in the How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam webinar? 

We will cover the following in our free webinar:

  • Important tips to keep in mind in light of COVID-19
  • How to practice essays (how many, which years to start with, the best way to practice)
  • How to structure a Michigan bar exam essay (example included and actual student answer included)
  • Common mistakes to avoid on bar exam day

We will have a follow-up webinar in July that discusses highly tested subjects and issues on the Michigan bar exam.


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