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Where Can I Find Past MEE Questions?

In Uniform Bar Exam (UBE) jurisdictions, the Multistate Essay Exam (MEE) component of the bar exam comprises 30% of the overall score. Non-UBE jurisdictions that administer the MEE set their own policies to determine how much weight should be given to the MEE in relation to the overall score. Because the MEE compromises almost 1/3 of the overall score in UBE jurisdictions, it is worth spending some time developing an efficient strategy to write your responses to the essay questions. The best way to study is by doing and reviewing past questions. It is possible to find past MEE questions, bar examiners’ analyses, and good student answers for free!

Here are places to look for past MEEs for free:

NCBE website

You can find 10 years’ worth of MEEs here on the NCBE’s website. For each examination, you access the questions, and the bar examiners’ analyses. The bar examiners’ analyses are a valuable resource for many reasons. First, you can see which issues you could have spotted for each question. You can also read thorough rule statements, and see which facts you could have included in your analysis. Further, it tells you how the examiners allocated points for each issue. This is important because all issues are not weighted equally! For essays that have a general call of the question, the bar examiners’ analyses also give you an idea of how you could have organized your answer.

Bar Examiners websites

You can visit several state bar exam websites to find past exam.

Arkansas has past MEE questions and best student answers available here. They go back to 2012 and have exams (currently) through February 2016.

Minnesota adopted the Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) in February 2014. If you visit the “Minnesota Essay Questions and Good Representative Answers” section of the Minnesota Board of Law Examiners’ website, you can find past MEE questions (and good student answers). This begins with the February 2014 exam.

Bar Examiners’ analyses are not available for these questions on these websites. However, you can see one good student answer for each MEE. This is a valuable resource because it gives you an idea of what an actual bar examinee wrote in 30 minutes. As a word of caution, the student answers may not address every issue or fact,. They also do not always state the law correctly. But keep in mind that these are “good representative answers” and are an incredibly useful study tool. (We recommend you try to get the Examiners’ Analysis as well.)


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