MPT Panic

How Can I Avoid MPT Panic On Test Day?

For many bar takers, the MPT presents a unique challenge. Unlike the MEE and the MBE, you can’t prepare for it by memorizing and applying black letter law. Some bar-takers think this means there’s no need to practice the MPT, but that can backfire: an unfamiliar MPT question on test day can take you off your game. Instead, avoid MPT panic by following these tips!

How Can I Avoid MPT Panic On Test Day?

1. Start Practicing Early

Just like the other sections of the bar exam, slow and steady preparation is usually the most effective tactic. Begin practicing MPT questions in conjunction with watching your lectures and learning about specific areas of the law. This way, you can avoid putting extra pressure on yourself to learn the MPT while you’re also attempting to review all subjects toward the end of your course.

Check out our MPT Study Schedule to help you stay on track for a February bar exam (or simply adjust the dates for a July exam)!

2. Keep Things in Perspective

The MPT is worth 20% of your final bar exam score. By devoting one day per week to MPT practice, you can calibrate your study efforts to the proportional weight of your score. On the day of the exam, remind yourself that each MPT is worth 10% of your total score. This means that even if you experience MPT panic and totally blank on one of the questions, you can still pass!

For more information on how the UBE is scored, check out what score you need to earn to pass the UBE!

3. Prepare For Anything

The best way to conquer the MPT section is to prepare for a variety of scenarios. If you’re used to seeing weird fact patterns or dealing with obscure areas of the law during practice, you won’t think twice when you see something similar on test day. As you practice, make sure you’re doing so under timed conditions — there’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve spent almost all your time on the first question on test day!

4. Don’t Forget About Self Care

Like the bar exam as a whole, it is important to prioritize your physical and mental health when preparing for the MPT section. Don’t forget to take breaks, see friends and family, exercise, and do other things that bring you joy. This will help you feel refreshed and focus once it’s time to get back to studying! Learn more in our how-to guide to self-care during the bar exam!

Avoiding MPT panic on test day requires careful preparation. These tips will help you conquer the MPT section with confidence.

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