How Long Does it Take to Receive Michigan Bar Exam Appeal Results?

clockHow Long Does It Take to Receive Michigan Bar Exam Appeal Results?

There are no guidelines given by the Michigan Board of Law Examiners as to when you will receive Michigan bar exam appeal results (except for the fact that you will find out prior to sitting for the next bar exam!) However, historically letters have been sent to applicants approximately three weeks after bar exam appeals are due. The exact due dates that letters were mailed in the last year are as follows:

  • For the July 2014 bar exam, appeals were due December 5. Letters were dated December 23 (an 18-day difference).
  • For the February 2015 bar exam, appeals were due on June 4 and Letters were dated June 23 (a 19-day difference).
  • For the  July 2015 bar exam, appeals were due on November 20.  Letters containing Michigan bar exam appeal results were mailed on Thursday, December 17 (a 27-day difference)

The letter you receive will make it very clear whether you passed or failed. It will also state which questions you received points back on, if any. Good luck to everyone waiting for results!  

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