MBE Practice Questions Should

How Many MBE Practice Questions Should I Answer?

Studying for the bar exam is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ll need to create and stick to a good plan to ensure you’re prepared to pass the MBE, the multiple-choice portion of the bar exam. During the MBE you’ll need to answer 200 questions in six hours. If you’re wondering how many practice questions you should do to ensure you get a passing score, read on!

How Many MBE Practice Questions Should I Answer?

Is There a “Magic Number” of MBE Practice Questions?

We’ll let you in on a secret: there is no magic number of practice questions that will lead to a passing score. The number that you need to practice depends on your learning style, practice schedule, and comfort. (If you’re unsure what your learning style is, take our quiz here!) After all, the goal of MBE practice questions is to expose yourself to the material, perfect your timing, and prepare you to pass.

Although there’s no magic number, there is a general range of MBE practice questions you should complete. For most students, this optimal range is between 800-1000 questions. This includes both untimed questions and timed sections. As you work toward completing MBE practice questions, remember that the quality of your practice is key. You’re bound to make mistakes and get questions wrong, but learning from your mistakes is what will enable you to pass the MBE.

Start With a Schedule

The bar exam tests a huge volume of information. The best way to learn all the information you’ll need, and include a sufficient amount of practicing testing on MBE questions, is to create a study schedule and stick to it. Each week, you’ll want to answer some MBE practice questions. (This doesn’t mean saving hundreds to do a day at the end of bar prep. It also doesn’t mean only reserving 1-2 per day.) Map out how you’ll reach your goal and how many you’ll need to do each day or week to feel prepared by test day. Check out these tips on how to make a bar exam study schedule.

In the early stages of bar prep, you should practice under both untimed and timed conditions. However, the volume of questions you answer is less important than the quality of your practice — especially at first. Learn more about how to approach the MBE questions through our guide on how to analyze MBE Questions.

Work on Timing

As the bar exam approaches, you should dedicate more time to timed MBE practice questions. We’ve heard from our students that setting aside a particular time each week for timed practice yields good results. For example, you may decide to practice timed sections on Friday mornings — that way, you’ll have the whole week to practice and review. As a general rule, aim for completing 33 questions each hour. Learn more about how many minutes you have to answer each MBE question here!

If you’re still struggling with the “skill” of answering MBE questions, check out our guide on How to Answer an MBE Question!

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