How Often Can I Take The LSAT?

How Often Can I Take the LSAT?

How Often Can I Take the LSAT?: After each administration of the LSAT, we often have inquiries about how soon students can retake the exam. It is not uncommon for students to take the LSAT more than once, especially since law schools only have to consider their highest scores. Below, we’ll address how often you can take the LSAT, and other frequently asked questions in this vein!

How Often Can I Take the LSAT?

1. How often can I take the LSAT?

Officially, you can take the LSAT three times in a two year period. So, for every eight administrations of the test, you can take it three times.  If you have extenuating circumstances, you need to petition LSAC directly in these circumstances. Check out for more details.

2. Do cancelled scores count as one of my tests under this policy?

Yes! Almost everyone has test anxiety after the LSAT. Cancelling a score should not be taken lightly. Check out this post on whether to cancel your LSAT score if you need any further guidance.

3. Does it hurt me if I take the LSAT more than once?

No! Previously, the American Bar Association required law schools to use averaged LSAT scores when reporting their admission statistics. However, in June 2006, they changed this policy. Now, law schools only have to report your highest score. This decision was hugely beneficial to LSAT re-takers. For example, let’s say you took the LSAT before June 2006 and scored a 150. Let’s also say your dream school required a 160 for admission. In this instance, the re-taker would have to score a 170 on their second LSAT to get their average score to a 160!

Now, law schools can (and most of them do) just consider your highest score when you apply. This does not mean you should take the LSAT lightly. But you will not be unduly penalized for a low score. With that being said, your LSAT score report is sent to each law school you apply to. They will be able to see, for example, if you have taken the LSAT five previous times. So try to be fully prepared for your administration! Not only does taking the LSAT a second time require you to study for several more months, but it also can delay your application to law school.

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