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How To Ace Your Summer Internship Interviews

Summer internships during law school are a great way to build and refine the skills you’ll need to succeed in your legal career. Whether your dream legal job is working at a big firm, a small non-profit, or something else entirely, a summer internship can increase your chances of being hired. But first, you’ll need to ace your summer internship interview. Luckily for you, we have a few tips on how to ace summer internship interviews, also commonly known as on-campus interviews (OCIs)!

How To Ace Your Summer Internship Interviews

1. Learn About the Company Ahead of Time

One of the keys to a successful interview is preparation. Before your interview, learn about the company or organization. What is its history? What kinds of cases does it litigate? Review their website thoroughly before your interview. Develop questions to ask based on what you found and tie your research into reasons why you want to work there. Demonstrating your knowledge is a great way to signal your interest to employers.

2. Practice Answering Interview Questions

Many interviewers will ask at least some standard interview questions—and that’s your chance to shine! You should have compelling answers prepared for questions like “What interests you about working for this company?” or  “Can you tell me about a challenge you had to overcome?” Grab a friend, significant other, or family member and have them ask you questions so you can practice your responses before your summer internship interview.

Here is a list of questions to review to help you prepare for your interview!

3. Ask Questions

Asking questions signals your interest and engagement to your interviewer. Prepare several potential questions before your interview, and be ready to supplement if your interview sparks another question. Questions that are unique to the particular company or organization can demonstrate your enthusiasm and set you apart.

4. Be Professional

To ace your summer internship interviews, you’ll need to act and appear professional. First impressions matter and nothing can ruin an otherwise stellar interview like a sloppy appearance or late arrival. Plan your outfit and transportation to the interview in advance to avoid any last-minute issues. Here are some tips on how to dress for your on-campus interview, and how to dress once you’re in your summer position!

5. Don’t Forget Your Resume

Although this tip seems basic, it’s important: bring a copy of your resume to the interview. Although you might not need it, having an extra copy of your resume demonstrates your preparation and can save your interviewer some hassle. Check out the top 5 things you should bring to an interview!

To increase your chances of landing your dream summer internship, prepare to ace your interviews. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to an offer.

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