mpre questions, real mpre questionsHow to Calculate your MPRE Score on an MPRE Practice Test

Wondering how to calculate your MPRE score on an MPRE practice test? You may have taken a 60-question MPRE practice test and be wondering what your score means. Here, we tell you how to calculate your MPRE score on an MPRE Practice test. 

First, figure out what overall score you need to pass. 

The first thing to figure out if your MPRE score is passing is to figure out what score you need to pass the MPRE in your jurisdiction. We have a list of the passing MPRE scores by state here if you are not sure what a passing score is in your state. (Note: for the most updated information, make sure to consult with your state bar!)

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Second, figure out what “raw” score you need to get a passing MPRE score. 

score needed to pass the mpre, passing mpre scoreThe National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE), the jurisdiction that administers the exam, does not release data on raw scores. However, we have figured out the approximate raw score you need to pass the MPRE. (Keep in mind this will change every round, at least slightly, based on the difficulty of the test.)

  • 34 correct out of 60 will likely lead to a score of around 75
  • 35 correct out of 60 will likely lead to a score of around 80
  • 36 correct out of 60 will likely lead to a score of 85

You can read more about this here.

Note: make sure you are taking 60-question practice exams!

It is true that only 50 questions are scored and that 10 are “experimental” questions on the MPRE. However, when you practice MPRE exams in a timed setting, you should take 60-question exams. On the MPRE exam day, you will have 60 questions to answer in two hours. So if you want to mimic the MPRE exam, that is how you should structure your practice exams as well.

If possible, we also recommend you use real MPRE questions. In other words, get MPRE questions licensed by the NCBE rather than using some Barbri or Kaplan test. We tell you where to find real MPRE questions here. This will give you the best indicator of how you are scoring.

Good luck studying for the MPRE!

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