Efficiently Study For The MBE

How To I Efficiently Study For The MBE?

The MBE will test your knowledge of the law: you’ll need to answer 200 multiple-choice questions in six hours. While this part of the bar exam is known to be difficult, efficient study can help you get the score you need to pass. To help you succeed as you efficiently study for the MBE, we’ve put together this list of 5 study tips.

How To I Efficiently Study For The MBE?

1. Your First Priority: Memorize the Rules

Because of the time constraints on the MBE, a general idea of the law isn’t enough — you won’t have time to think through the specifics during the test. Instead, you should start preparing for the MBE by memorizing the rules. Once you understand the different concepts, focus on committing them to memory!

Here are our tips on how to best memorize your bar prep outlines. Check out more memorization strategies and our YouTube video here.

2. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Some students think that racing through MBE practice questions is the best way to study. While there is value in answering plenty of MBE practice questions, you should prioritize quality over quantity. Especially at the beginning of your preparation, go through MBE practice questions slowly and methodically. Double-check your comprehension by dissecting the question and explaining the rule.

For more details on how to answer an MBE question, check out our step-by-step guide.

3. Don’t Overlook the Value of Reviewing Wrong Answers

Sometimes we see students skip over questions they answered incorrectly. This is very easy to do, but don’t do this! An incorrect answer is a great opportunity to improve your score. Think about why your answer was incorrect, write down the law you didn’t understand, and review it. Over time, this strategy will help you improve your score!

For future testing, learn more about how to eliminate wrong MBE answers.

4. Choose Quality over Quantity

There is no magic number of MBE practice questions that will lead to a passing score. In fact, plenty of people fail the MBE after taking 5,000 practice questions. Instead, focus on improving your understanding with each practice session. As a general range, we recommend answering between 800-1000 MBE practice questions over the course of your bar preparation. For more information on figuring out how many MBE questions you should complete, check out this post.

5. Care For Your Health

Putting in thousands of hours preparing for the bar exam is meaningless if you can’t perform your best on test day. As you study, make sure you’re caring for your mental and physical health. This means eating healthy meals, taking occasional breaks, talking with friends and loved ones, and getting enough sleep. This will put you in a position to perform your best on test day! Read through our how-to guide on self-care during the bar exam!

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