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Benefits Of The JD Advising Qbank

How to Maximize the Benefits of the JD Advising QBank

If you are looking for real MBE questions to practice for the bar exam, JD Advising’s MBE QBank is a great resource!  It comes with over 1,500 real, released MBE questions and is cheaper than alternative sources of real questions!  In this post, we discuss some of the other benefits to the JD Advising QBank!

How to Maximize the Benefits of the JD Advising QBank

The biggest benefit of JD Advising’s MBE QBank is that it provides real, released MBE questions for you to practice.  There are many reasons why it is important to use real, released questions as you study for the MBE.  However, there are other benefits of JD Advising’s MBE QBank, which are detailed below!

1. Additional Civil Procedure questions.

Since Civil Procedure was only added to the MBE in 2015, the NCBE has only released 40 actual Civil Procedure questions.  You will, undoubtedly, want more than 40 questions for practice as you are studying for the bar exam.  JD Advising’s bar exam experts have drafted 150 additional Civil Procedure questions that match the format and level of difficulty of the released civil procedure questions.

2. Detailed answer explanations.

JD Advising’s bar exam experts have written detailed answer explanations to each and every practice question on the QBank so that you are able to understand why the correct answer choice is correct, and why the incorrect answers are incorrect!  Learning from the answer explanations helps you see patterns and how the NCBE frequently tests certain areas of the law. You can then master the test and improve your performance!

3. Various formats for practice.

JD Advising’s QBank offers the ability to do practice questions where you can choose which subjects to focus on, and you can also choose how many questions you want in a practice set.  For example, you can choose to complete a set of 20 questions that focuses solely on Evidence and Contracts.  This lets you focus on the areas where you need more practice or need to improve your score.  It is also beneficial because you can start working on practice questions for the subjects that you have learned without also “wasting” questions for subjects that you haven’t covered yet.

The QBank also has four 100-question practice tests that cover all 7 MBE questions.  The practice tests are beneficial to measure your overall progress, work on timing, and get used to answering mixed-subjects of questions as you will see them on the exam.  The various formats of questions allow you to effectively utilize practice questions to master the various skills necessary to pass the MBE!

4. Track your progress.

The QBank tracks your progress in each subject, as well as your overall progress on MBE questions.  Being able to see your performance in each subject will allow you to adjust your study time to spend more time on those subjects that you are not doing as well on as others.  Tracking your overall progress means that you should be able to see your percentage of correct questions go up as you study more and become more comfortable with the various subjects.  Knowing that you are doing well on actual MBE questions should give you the confidence to know that you can replicate this performance on the actual exam!

5. Come back to the questions that you missed.

In the QBank, you can see the questions you missed and come back to them to review. This helps ensure that you are actually learning and understanding the topics that you previously missed.  You can also review the questions you missed to see if there are patterns.  Are there certain sub-topics that you missed over and over?  Are there certain types of questions that you continually miss?  Looking for patterns and frequently missed questions will allow you to spend more time studying those areas and mastering those types of questions so that you don’t miss them on the actual exam!

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