All I can say is that you are amazing. I purchased your huge Michigan Bar book very late in my Bar prep, and I have to tell you that I truly believe that it is what bolstered my confidence and pushed my score to the mark of “passing.” YOUR OUTLINES gave me EXACTLY what I needed to crystalize the law into succinct rules of law. -July 2017 Bar Exam taker

I think the How to Pass the Bar book put me over the top — I got my passing score yesterday!! -July 2017 Bar Exam taker 

The only thing worse than failing the bar exam is failing the bar exam multiple times. Unfortunately, that’s where I found myself in October 2015, as it was then that I learned that I failed the Michigan Bar Exam for the third time. Increasingly desperate, I came to the realization that BarBri wasn’t cutting it. While BarBri and other heavily regimented prep courses work for some people, it was not helpful for someone working full-time. I didn’t have the time or the mental wherewithal to sit through scores of three-hour lectures. I firmly believe that purchasing Ashley Heidemann’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam was the reason that I passed the February 2016 Michigan Bar Exam.

I found Ashley’s multiple choice tips to be helpful. The real payoff, however, was the invaluable essay section. True to its description, How to Pass contains “[t]wenty four ‘one-sheets’ that condense the most highly-tested areas of law for each of the potential Michigan bar exam essay subjects into one sheet.” These one-sheets concisely and conveniently present vital information in a digestible form. So, when the Board of Law Examiners tests seldom-studied areas of law (as it did in February 2016 when Agency and Conflicts of Law were tested), test-takers will be prepared. They will, of course, be better prepared for heavily tested areas of law, too. In short, I highly recommend How to Pass to anyone sitting for the Michigan Bar Exam—it’s a must-have.