Pay For Bar Exam Prep

How To Pay For Bar Exam Prep

Like everything involved with law school, it is expensive to take the bar exam! Beyond registration fees, investigative fees, fees to use a laptop, hotel fees, and any costs incurred from taking time off working, you also most likely will need to take a bar exam prep course.

These generally cost thousands of dollars. In this post, we go over some ways to pay for bar exam prep other than out of your own pocket!

How To Pay For Bar Exam Prep

Future Employer

If you have employment lined up for after graduation, consider asking them to pay for your bar prep. Many larger firms do this to make sure their new associates pass the bar on their first attempt. Even if you work for a smaller firm, consider asking them to help with bar prep costs. Ultimately, it benefits them to have you licensed and able to practice. So, ask if they can help shoulder some of the cost. They may not pay for all of your prep, but any amount they do pay for as money you don’t have to!

We have big law firms, midsize law firms, and small law firms subsidize our course completely. We see this happen all the time.

Bar Exam Loan

Bar exam loans are another option to pay for bar prep. You can see our overview of how they work here. In general, it’s best to steer away from taking on debt to pass the bar exam. However, if you do not have any other means to pay for your prep, they are an option that is available to consider.

Table time representatives

Many bar exam companies (including us!) allow you to work at your law school to pay for bar exam prep. Table time representatives frequently use their work during law school to earn credit or discounts off bar prep services. Ask a rep at your school about opportunities to be a table representative on-campus. These positions typically allow you to work in between classes and don’t require a huge time commitment. They can be a perfect way to help defray the cost of a bar exam course!


Another way to pay for bar prep is via scholarship. Although bar exam prep course scholarships are uncommon, they are often available to those who intend to practice a specific kind of law after they are licensed. So, it’s worth Googling to see if you are eligible to apply for any scholarships for bar prep. Note, however, that you may have to submit additional information, including writing samples, in order to apply.


Your family is also another option. Everyone wants to see you pass the bar exam. Often, parents understand how time-consuming it is to study for the bar. See if anyone is willing to help you pay for bar prep. We have had students who ask for money to put toward a bar exam course in lieu of a birthday or holiday gift.

This is one of the last steps in your journey to becoming an attorney. If your parents helped pay for and/or supported you throughout law school, they most likely will be willing to help you with bar prep!