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Low MBE Score

How To Quickly Improve A Low MBE Score

The MBE is a major component of every bar exam. It takes a lot of work to succeed in this portion of the exam. The MBE requires you to quickly identify a subject matter and nuanced rules within that topic before applying them to the scenario provided. If you’re struggling with MBE practice, you’re not alone. In this post, we give you tips on how to quickly improve a low MBE score. Read further to see our insight into how to improve!

How To Quickly Improve A Low MBE Score

1. Use Real MBE Questions

One of the best things you can do to improve a low MBE score is to use real MBE questions. The questions invented by bar review courses are good. You should complete them and make sure you follow along with your bar course schedule. However, nothing beats the real thing- using actual questions that were previously tested on bar exams.

For students looking for this service, we created our own question bank (Qbank) of over 1,500 actual, official, released MBE questions. These include the most recent exams released in 2019 by the National Conference of Bar Examiners. Using real MBE questions will prevent you from being surprised after walking out of the MBE portion of the bar exam due to how different the real questions were in comparison to the ones invented by the bar courses. You may even find that the real MBE questions are easier for you, or more straightforward, than the invented ones. As a result, you will have a better idea of what score you can expect for the MBE.

2. Memorize Your Outlines

It’s not enough to know the general points of the law. The MBE questions will be unforgiving unless you know the nuances. In fact, they are often testing on those nuances ad not on general principles of law. Spending significant time actually memorizing the exceptions to rules will not only help your accuracy but also increase your speed.  Check out our post for tips on how to memorize your outlines.

3. Use This Method When Answering MBE Questions

First, determine which subject is being tested. Then, ask yourself what is the specific legal issue being tested? Write out the rule statement for the legal issue. If at this point in your studying you’re unsure, look at your outline. Jot down the rule. Writing out rule statements that you have not yet memorized is a great memorization technique. Write them down on a legal pad or a notebook. Review the legal pad or notebook often. You will commit these rule statements to memory easier this way.

Before you look at the answer choices, try to figure out the answer so you don’t get tricked by the incorrect answers. Look for the answer you think is most accurate, and then read the other three choices. If you can understand why the other three answer choices are incorrect, you’re doing fantastic.  Here is a step by step guide and a few examples which discuss how to use this method.

4. Use The Last 15 Minutes Of The MBE To Circle Back

Fine-tune your answers during the last 15 minutes of the exam by circling questions on your answer sheet that you would like to come back to at the end. To make the review process even more efficient–lightly circle questions you were not confident about and then lightly star the ones you were slightly more confident with but would like to spend a little more time on at the end. Differentiating these can help you decide which questions to answer first in case you run out of time. Also, be sure the marks are really light just in case you don’t have enough time at the end to erase all the marks—you wouldn’t want the scantron machine to give an incorrect reading.

You may be pleasantly surprised by how much better circling back to prior questions can make you feel. On the bar exam, first, you are going to have an incredible sense of calm that 1) the bar exam is now over for you—if you want it to be, 2) you finished all of the questions, and 3) you now have the luxury of reviewing some of the questions which were tough for you. Sometimes, after going through other MBE questions, you gain a sense of clarity on a related topic within the same subject. And honestly, sometimes your brain is just nice and warmed up and your subconscious has had time to process the correct answer while you were going through the other questions.

When the correct answer comes to you quite clearly the second time around, you will have so much more confidence in yourself! Even if circling back to questions in high school, college, or law school did not prove too useful for you, just try it when you’re practicing MBE questions.

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