stress or anxiety, stay positive before the bar examHow to Stay Positive Before the Bar Exam

It is very important to stay positive before the bar exam.  But that is easier said than done!  The amount of pressure you are feeling leading up to the exam is immense.  However, you can increase your chances of success by getting in the right mindset before the bar!  In this post, we go over a few tips on how to stay positive before the bar exam!

Five tips to stay positive before the bar exam:

You’ve put in a lot of work already – at least some of it stuck.

Studying for the bar exam is a very long process.  You’ve studied for a countless number of hours to prepare you for this moment.  You should therefore try to stay positive before the bar exam because at least some of those rules you studied had to have stuck!  Feeling like you don’t know anything or that you can’t remember anything is very common.  But it’s just not true!  The level of commitment you have put into the study process has certainly translated into increased knowledge.  Trust in yourself and the effort you have put into studying in order to stay positive before the bar exam!

Failing the bar would not be the end of the world.

As mentioned, taking the bar exam puts a lot of pressure on you.  You might feel like you have no choice but to pass, otherwise everything you’ve worked for will be wasted and your future is doomed.  This is also just not true!  In order to stay positive before the bar exam, you need to remember that failing the bar exam would not be the end of the world.  Plenty of people have failed the bar and gone on to have successful careers.  While re-taking the exam would certainly be an inconvenience, it does not make you a failure as a person.  There is so much to life besides the bar exam, and you can’t dwell on the possibility of a future negative event!

Either way, it will be done soon.

If you believe in the statement “all good things must come to an end,” then the same should apply to “bad things” too, right? Since you can’t stop time, the day of the bar exam is going to arrive.  And then it will be over.  It doesn’t matter what you do – the bar exam will be over in a couple weeks.  To stay positive before the bar exam, just remember that you only have to push through for a little longer.  Then you can sleep, eat, drink, and celebrate to your heart’s content!  At this point, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then you can forget about the bar exam for months!

Everyone who matters is already proud of you and your accomplishments

Even making it to the point of taking the bar exam is something to be proud of.  Even beyond the rigors of high school, you had to deal with college, the LSAT, and law school just to get to this moment.  That’s a significant accomplishment.  Remembering that those closest to you are already proud of you should help you stay positive before the bar exam.  Your family and friends have witnessed everything that you’ve gone through and they will support you in the future no matter what.  They don’t need to see that you passed the bar to know that you are amazing for having made it here.  You will always have people in your corner.

You are intelligent – you’ve made it this far for a reason

As mentioned, you’ve made it through a lot of academic challenges to get here.  To stay positive before the bar exam, remember that this clearly means you are intelligent.  You can’t luck your way into getting this far.  Trust in yourself and what you are capable of.  Think about everything that you have accomplished and what it says about you.  Not everyone makes it to the bar exam, but you did.  You deserve to be here.  You can do this!

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