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how to stay safe studying for the bar exam during the coronavirus pandemic, jd advising founder identical triplet sisters doctors

Identical triplet sisters discuss how to stay safe studying for the bar exam during the coronavirus pandemic

JD Advising founder interviews her two identical triplet sister doctors on how to stay safe studying for the bar exam during the coronavirus pandemic in a brief three-part series that takes less than 15 minutes to watch in total.

Note: the brief excerpts below are edited for clarity and readability.

Part I: face masks

A few excerpts from this portion of the interview:

Ashley Heidemann, Esq.: Is it okay to wear my face mask under my nose so it is still covering my mouth?

Danielle Heidemann, MD: I would make sure that, even if it is inconvenient, it always covers your nose and mouth. . . . If you are going to remove it for any reason, make sure you remove it from the ear loop parts and not the front of the mask. Make sure you always wash your hands after touching your mask or face for any reason.

Ashley Heidemann, Esq.: Should I wear anything like this [demonstrates putting on a face mask, goggles, and earmuffs] to the bar exam?

Lauren Heidemann, MD: No. No protective eyewear is recommended by the CDC. And earmuffs, I cannot think of a mechanism by which earmuffs would actually offer you any protection. Because really you’re trying to protect yourself and others from the respiratory droplets that spread. So in other words, just the cloth mask.

Ashley Heidemann, Esq.: Should I get a heavier duty cloth mask if I am worried [about getting coronavirus] like an N95 mask?

Danielle Heidemann, MD: Those masks are really only recommended for healthcare workers and, unfortunately, because there is a relative shortage of them it is recommended that the general public only wear cloth masks and not droplet precaution masks or N95 masks.

Ashley Heidemann, Esq.: If I am at the bar exam and I am sitting six feet away from the people around me because that is how the Board is administering the exam, is it okay if I take off my mask at that point?

Lauren Heidemann, MD.: That’s a great question. The CDC would recommend that you do both, so you maintain your six feet distance away from other people and you wear a cloth face mask covering your mouth and nose in any public setting, including when you are taking the bar exam.

Part II: hand sanitizer

A few excerpts from this portion of the interview:

Ashley Heidemann, Esq.: Is hand sanitizer actually more effective than soap and water?

Lauren Heidemann, MD: Both hand sanitizer and soap and water are pretty much equally effective. The only exception would be if you get something visible on your hands (like if you sneeze or get dirt on your hands or anything that you can see) then I would recommend just using good old fashioned soap and water.

Danielle Heidemann, MD: I’d like to add . . . if you are using hand sanitizer, make sure that after using it, you let it dry out completely after getting it on every surface of your hands as well.

Part III: the flu shot and supplements 

A few excerpts from this portion of the interview:

Ashley Heidemann, Esq.: Are there any supplements [bar examinees] should be taking or any extra vitamins or any natural remedies that they can take during this time medication-wise to try to reduce their chances of catching [coronavirus] while they are studying for the bar exam or preparing to take it?

Lauren Heidemann, MD: Right now there are no medications known to prevent coronavirus at least as of May 2020 so I would not recommend taking anything specifically. . . . There are a lot of herbal and dietary supplements out there . . . but the reality is a lot of those cause more harm than good and can even cause side effects that can be life-threatening.

Ashley Heidemann, Esq.: What about something like the flu shot—should students be getting the flu shot to try to prevent coronavirus?

Danielle Heidemann, MD: I definitely recommend that every person [six months and above] get the flu shot, especially this year because although the flu shot does not protect against coronavirus, it does protect against the flu. And there is a fear that come the fall, especially if schools reopen, that the flu and the coronavirus might both peak at the same time. . . . If you’re going to get the flu shot any year, this is the year to start doing it.


Looking for a few highlights of the interview? Check out this short video below.

Good luck studying for the bar exam. Stay safe!

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