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JD Advising’s Michigan One-sheets July 2019 Review

We are pleased to report that on the July 2019 Administration of the Michigan Bar Exam, approximately 50% of the issues tested were covered on JD Advising’s Michigan One-Sheets!  In this post, we provide a detailed analysis of exactly what was covered!

JD Advising’s Michigan One-Sheets July 2019 Review

When studying for the Michigan Bar Exam, there is a huge volume of material to learn and memorize.  To help with this task, JD Advising’s Michigan One-Sheets provide the black letter law and the frequency with which the most highly-tested issues have appeared on the Michigan Bar Exam in one page per subject.  The One-Sheets also include the exact dates on which those issues were previously tested so that you can refer to the essays from prior administrations to see exactly how the issue was tested!  JD Advising’s Michigan One-Sheets are included within JD Advising’s How to Pass the Michigan Bar Exam book!

For the July 2019 administration of the bar exam, students who had memorized the One-Sheets (a mere 24 pages of material!) would have been prepared to address 50% of the issues presented on the essay portion of the Michigan Bar Exam!  Here is a breakdown of exactly what was covered on the One-Sheets from the July 2019 exam:

Subjects with 100% Coverage on One-Sheets

For the following subjects tested on the July 2019 Michigan bar exam, JD Advising’s One-Sheets covered virtually 100% of the issues tested!

Conflict of Laws: The Conflict of Laws question tested the two-part Sutherland test applicable in tort scenarios, which is included on our Conflict of Laws One-Sheet!

Creditors Rights: The Creditors’ Rights question tested various garnishment issues, including periodic garnishments, non-periodic garnishments, and writs of execution.  JD Advising’s Creditors’ Rights One-Sheet includes all of this information (and more)!  We are proud to report that we cover garnishment procedures in detail!

Criminal Procedure: The Criminal Procedure question tested a Fourth Amendment Search and Seizure issue that required application of the consent exception to the warrant requirement.  Search and Seizure is the number one issue addressed on JD Advising’s Criminal Procedure One-Sheet!

Personal Property: The Personal Property question tested various inter vivos gifts and required a discussion of the “delivery” element of inter vivos gifts.  Inter vivos gifts are covered extensively on JD Advising’s Personal Property One-Sheet, which also advises of the importance of the “delivery” element of gifts!

Wills: The Wills question included a favorite of the bar examiners: elements of a valid will and holographic wills!  This issue is covered in-depth on JD Advising’s Wills One-Sheet!

Subjects with Partial Coverage on One-sheets

Civil Procedure: One of the issues tested in the Civil Procedure question was subject matter jurisdiction (specifically, diversity jurisdiction).  This frequently-tested issue is mentioned on JD Advising’s Civil Procedure One-Sheet.

Contracts: Along with some more complicated parol evidence and modification issues, the Contracts question included an issue on consideration.  Consideration (and, more generally, contract formation) is covered on JD Advising’s Contracts One-Sheet as a highly-tested issue!

Corporations: The Corporations question included issues regarding shareholder dividends, generally framed as a Duty of Care issue.  The question also specifically asked about the business judgment rule as a defense.  The Duty of Care and the Business Judgment Rule are both covered on JD Advising’s Corporations One-Sheet!

Domestic Relations: The Domestic Relations question included multiple commonly-tested issues regarding a requested change in custody, including the Established Custodial Environment and the Best Interest of the Child factors, both of which are included on JD Advising’s Domestic Relations One-Sheet!

Evidence: Although the Evidence question tested some uncommon issues regarding lay and expert witnesses, one of the question prompts specifically asked about the 403 balancing test, which is included on JD Advising’s Evidence One-Sheet!

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